Delaware County, Ohio

Delaware County in Ohio was a common origin of settlers in Jones County, Iowa.  Most of those who made the migration came by covered wagon in the 1850s and ’60s.  I plan to write about these people including the geography and nature of both counties.  Please contact me if you have information on a pioneer/family who matches this criteria.

Some who made the trip:
Cave to Oxford Mills & Jct.
Hodgden to Oxford Mills & Jct.
Pike to Oxford Mills & Jct.
Dunham to Oxford Mills & Jct.
VanSickle to Oxford Mills & Jct.
Johnson to Walnut Grove (Olin)
Steward to Rome Twp., Olin
Condit to Cass Twp. near Anamosa
Ketcham to Cass Twp. near Anamosa
Hammond to Oxford Twp.
Weeks to Oxford Twp.
Starkey to maybe near Central City
Robison to Oxford Jct. or near
Williams to O.J. general area
McLeod to O.J. general area
Rundall to Greenfield Twp. near Martelle
Southwick to Olin
Davis to Olin
Pringle to Olin
Rogers to Oxford Mills & Toronto