Trebon area resources
for genealogists and historians:

Locations of the resources are abbreviated as such:

T.A. = Trebon Archives, online

S.T. = Small Towns website,

JN =

TAG = Trebon area genealogists

Trebon Archives online, for parish registers with lists of books of recent records usually found in town offices, municipal and school chronicles, maps including year 1684, Vedute photo collection, postcards, seignorial (manorial) census, etc.  Statni Archiv U Treboni is 943.7 A5sa and film 1181587 (item 5) at LDS for detailed list (in Czech) of the holdings. Other Czech archives have gone or are going online (digitized).

TAG-prepared parish book guides.  Jon Klima did Jilovice and Suchdol nad Luznici, JN did a few for Suchdol books. (Tells which image has which village and year, etc.) This collection will grow.  Ask JN.

Municipal (town & village) chronicles.  Borovany under Ceske Budejovice on T.A..  Bor, Cep, Domanin, Hrachoviste, Chlum u Trebon, Kunsach (now gone) and Stare Hlina all under Jindrichuv Hradec on T.A.  Hrdlorezy, Mladosovice, Nepomuk, Salmanovice, and Suchdol nad Luznici are at Wregie Memorial Library, Oxford Jct. IA, and JN.  Klikov is with Kim Kubat-Martin who made the guide, and JN.

Municipal chronicle guides.   Bor & Hrdlorezy are on S.T.  Klikov and part of Hrachoviste, JN.

Cadastral maps, typically 1830s and mid 1850s, drawing of the town with land holders and house & parcel numbers shown.  JN has Hrdlorezy, Tri-Facky, & part of Suchdol nad Luznici. CGSI might have some.  See page Websites for Czech Research for address of a firm that sells cadastral maps.

Hrdlorezy, various items on this village:  cadastral & guide, chronicle & guide, many photos, list of outbound emigrants, list of residents of certain houses, etc.JN

Census.  Soupis of 1651 and Berni Rula of 1654, and other Czech census including Seignorial records.  Czech census is at   USA census reveals  years in America, etc.  Iowa state census of 1925 has parents of all persons which proves connections.  All online or you may order online.

Koranda from South Bohemia.  Czech Ancestry gathered Koranda records from every available source in Trebon, back to ca. 1600 plus good background info on the area, on Thirty Years War, etc.  For ordering, contact  Olga Cerna & Drs. Robert Dulfer in Trebon.

Family data, prepared and available include:  Benischeks of Dvory nad Luznici (Beinhofen) 8, 33, and 47; Moravec of Lesni Chalupy (Erdweiss Waldhauser) 36; Koranda of Bor & Hrdlorezy (not the ancient Koranda data); Zaruba of Bor 23; Vochoska of Hrdlorezy 6; Ciml of Rapsach; Kropik of Tust, all JN.  Others can be requested and perhaps obtained from TAG.

Peat bogs, south of Trebon.  JN has info & photos of bogs. Cerna & Dulfer are restoring a peat bog which will be available for tourists.

Emigration and Peasant Museum in Kojakovice depicts life in the 19th century for all levels of peasantry in South Bohemia, and explains their emigration to
America. Created by Rozmberk Society (Cerna & Dulfer). See website for hours of operation, area info & history, etc.:

Peasantry and lifestyle in South Bohemia.  Dubovicky’s four pages on 19th century Czech society.  JN

Emigration literature. History of Czechs in America by Jan Habenicht; Life in Bohemia in the 19th Century by Eliska Schoenfeld; To Reap a Bountiful Harvest
by Stepanka Korytova-Magstadt; Historic Migration by Drs. Robert Dulfer; Registered Emigration from Suchdol in text or PowerPoint file by Olga Cerna;  EMILE Historic Letters project, South Bohemia section by Cerna and Dulfer. Locate yourself or ask JN.

History of Czech lands, the Trebon area, and certain villages.  Most municipal chronicles have detailed history of the town, T.A.  Borovany, Kojakovice, and Stropnice (river valley) have history books, JN.  Wikipedia has good Czech and Trebon area history.

Maps of South Bohemia. Modern are road maps, tourist maps, etc. and online will reveal house numbers when zoom in, and satellite view (letecka).  Google maps has good aerial views.  JN has 1654, 1720, 1746, 1794, 1893 with German town names, before & after the 1920 boundary change, and modern detailed maps.  T.A. has aerial photos in the Photo Collection, use index and chose L.

Photography of places.  Vedute Collection and Photo Collection (not alpha order by town) on T.A. JN has houses, churches, chapels, cemeteries, ponds, monuments and depots for: Bor, Cep, Ceske Budejovice, Dvory nad Luznici, Halamky, Hamr, Hrachoviste, Jilovice, Klikov, Kojakovice, Kojan, Kramolin, Kunsach (now gone), Lesni Chalupy, Lhota by Petrovice, Luznici River, Majdalena, Mladosovice, Nepomuk by Salmanovice, Petrovice, Rapsach, Salmanovice, Suchdol nad Luznici, Trebon, Tri Facky, Trpnouze, Tust, Zarici. Pavla Kulisova of Suchdol nad Luznici will take photos in area villages and cemeteries, Contact through her brother Joseph Rek who passes orders (English to Czech) to Kulisova,

Permission to Leave.  Data bases prepared by Olga Cerna from certain records stored in T.A., 1853-1905, people from many villages but most from Bor, Cep, and Hrdlorezy.  JN

Passenger/Immigrant ships.  Ships’ photos and passenger lists in book volumes include Germans to America (with some Czechs); German Immigrants – Lists of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York (some Czechs), 1847-1871 or later, by Wolfert & Zimmerman; Czech Immigrant Passenger Lists by Leo Baca.  Websites include Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild, Castle Garden, Ellis Island,  On S.T.: Four Passenger Lists (that include emigrants from the Trebon area).  New York Times’s very old issues (online) have ship arrival news which can reveal events of the passage.

USA records.  Naturalization (citizenship) records  and other USA sources like census and obituaries can confirm a Czech’s arrival, origin and USA location.  Sites like can be searched for obituaries, wedding announcements, etc.  Cemetery records and gravestones sometimes have origins. County histories often had biographical sections as did the 1910 History of Jones County (Iowa),  Jones County IA’s genweb site is  and a private site is with links to surrounding counties. S.T. has Nebraska and Kansas pioneers from the Trebon area.  Diane McClure’s list of Chicago marriages – St. John Nepomuk (Catholic church) 1884-1900 consists of people from the Trebon area, S.T. & JN.  Find A Grave, can get you the death date to find an obituary (for origins).

Oxford Junction in Jones County, Iowa received approximately 35 families from the Trebon area.  O.Jct. is rich with local history and genealogy which is easy to access. See S.T.’s pages on Oxford Jct. and links to Wregie Memorial Library and the Oxford Jct. Historical Museum which have artifacts and gen. data including a 237+ item list of Genealogical Aids in O.J. The book A New Land, A New Life is OJ’s “pioneer book” and includes several from South Bohemia.  S.T.’s data base ORIGINS (of O.Jct.) has names and places.  JN has prints of the 1927 interviews of O.Jct. businessmen including Martin Podolak from Mladosovice or near, and Frank Shimanek/Simanek born in Kojakovice.  The 2013 book John Bryan, His Life, His Land, His Town, Oxford Junction, Iowa has early history of O.Jct.  Bryan and his party weren’t Czech but if your Czechs lived there, info on the town might help.  For sale in the O. Jct. museum.

Amerikan Narodni Kalendar was an annual Czech-American magazine published in Chicago from 1878 through 1958. Michelle Gobert has a list of over 1500 subjects (personal stories and biographies of subscribers) including Mares, Straka, Tikalsky, and Vochoska (and probably others) from the Trebon area.  The list (subjects, location of issues, and how to order article copies) will be finished and published in a few years. (Google that to get there) and have many records from all over the world.  Ancestry has a fee to join although non-members may use the Message Board.  Ancestry owns Rootsweb where you can enter place names, etc.:  Family Search, the LDS site, is free.  It is the LDS that has been digitizing the records in T.A.  They have published all the Seignorial records on their site before completing the list on T.A.  CGSI and CSAGSI, linked to S.T., have message and query boards.  And for translating,  For translating church records,

Professional genealogical researchers can do your research or review your work.  Rev. Jan Dus, website and Eduard Kovalda are highly recommended. PATH Finders is Those 3 will work all over the Czech Republic.  Other firms exist but you should ask if they can deliver in English. For light research, photographs, 1920+ burial records of the Suchdol nad Luznici Cemetery, and old/new Smelcovna/Schmelzhutten house numbers, ask Pavla Kulisova of Suchdol through her brother Joseph Rek,  S.T. has a Researchers For Hire list.

Local assistance.  Olga Cerna and Drs. Robert Dulfer will assist in the Trebon area. Contact them at   They speak Czech, English, Dutch, & German and have many local contacts for church entry, etc.  Kulisova does not speak English but would probably assist a Czech-speaking tourist.  We need more contact people in the Trebon area.  Please tell JN if you know of one who can speak English.

Miscellaneous items on the S.T. website not previously mentionned are:  Vulgo Names (explained); 7 book reports re:  Czech Republic; Freethinkers
(explained); Record Sources in Czech Republic and USA; Tidbits (misc. items); Personal Names (Czech to English); Place Names (Czech to German); a
Czech-English vocabulary of genealogical terms; Tool Box with Czech and German pedigree charts & family data sheets, a cousin chart, perpetual calendar, Soundex, and Roman numerals; and advice on traveling to Europe.  The site is managed by Judy Nelson who also translates the parish records into English, having several Czech, German, & Latin dictionairies, will assist with any TAG needs, and e-mails a newsletter to TAG approximately once a month.

Additions and corrections accepted.  Judy Nelson, April 2020.