Websites for Czech genealogical research: Current maps of Cz.Rep.  Zoom in on a town until the house numbers appear in map (zakladni) view, then switch to satellite (letecka) for a close up of your ancestral home.

Google Earth (maps) has street views in Czech towns, mostly along the main streets. for village cadastral maps from 1824-43.  Get map number there, then go to to see the map and order if want a good & large version.   the Prague archive.  the state archive in Trebon, South Bohemia.  This huge site is user-friendly.  After examining their inventory, register to receive alerts for additions to the site.  an ultralight ride over Trebon. (Small Towns) has many gen. aids for Trebon area researchers, some for n.e. Bohemia, & some for anywhere in Cz.Rep.  Links include Rozmberk Society, a Trebon area resource.  7 ½ million entries of Austria-Hungary records.    Czech records.  Growing website.  Opava and Olomouc (Moravia) archives.  for many things but Seignorial (nobility) records are like annual census of a manor’s serfs.  Search, Continental Europe, Czech Republic, Trebon Seignorial/Nobility records…. Browse Records, select a manor, a volume & year, and find index of villages.  describes villages that were destroyed for any reason.  Czech genealogy for beginners, by Blanka Lednicka who also does gen. research.

YouTube – search The Lost World of Communism, part 2 (includes Cz.Rep.).  part 1 ?   for cottages to rent in Czech Republic.   current and archived Czech-American TV programs.  Czech music.  Czech music.                                                JN, August 2013