Amerikan Narodni Kalendar was published in Chicago annually from 1878 through 1958.  It is an important source for genealogists of Czech and Slovak lineage because members’ biographies and personal stories were featured.  Vincenc Luk’s own story in the 1886 issue (page 154 although he is not in the table of contents) described his arrival in Iowa in 1854, a “coach” ride to Oxford Township in Jones County, breaking prairie with a breaking plow, working with his family and neighbors – a true survival story.  Jan Vochoska from Hrdlorezy, south of Trebon, emigrated to Oxford Township in 1875 and later moved to Elberon IA.  His interesting story is in the 1954 issue.

ANK issues are in the Czech language but are well-worth translating if your ancestor is found.  I compiled an index of the subjects’ names with Czech origin, years of birth and arrival, American residence, how/where to order a copy, etc. although I didn’t finish the index and have passed it to Charles Crespi who will complete the index and publish it in several libraries that have Czech collections including Wregie Memorial Library, Oxford Jct. IA and online on some websites.   It will be easy to see if your ancestral names are in the index of issues and if so, easy to order a copy of the article.  While the index will be free to use, you will have to pay the holder of the issue for the copies you request and pay to have it translated to English, unless Charles happens to have the article you seek.

 If you have a translated (to English) biography/story/interview from Amerikan Narodni Kalendar that you are willing to share, please send it to me at for passing on to Charles.  We also seek the issues of 1880, 1883, 1885, 1888, and 1890 to extract names of subjects of articles. Please tell one of us if you know the whereabouts of one of those issues.  Charles is       Thanks.