The following firms and individuals can be hired for research of Czech records.  Some will also photograph houses, churches, etc. for you.  Their rates vary as well as their expertise.  The SMALL TOWNS website does not recommend nor endorse any researcher, nor do we bear any responsibility for your satisfaction with search results.  We will appreciate learning of your experience with Czech researchers, and will accept additions to this list.  Check for current postage rates from USA to Europe.

You must know the town or county of your ancestor before you order from archives or hire a researcher.  There are methods of determining unknown origins.

The main Czech Archives in Prague will not do genealogical research, nor will any of the state archives.  You must hire a research firm or use the online archives (Trebon’s is in Czech links), or go to the archive yourself.  The June ’02 issue of Nase rodina gives good instructions for preparing to go if you must:

Archivni Sprava, Horakove 133, 166 21  Praha  6, (verify  address before you go)  Czech Republic                                                                                                                                                                              

The regional archive at Trebon (includes Suchdol area), has records from year 1602, and oldest land deed, 1134. Do not order directly as they no longer research for us.  See Archivni Sprava (main Cz.Archives in Prague) above.  Trebon Archiv:

Statni Oblastni Archiv V Treboni , Zamek , 379 11 Trebon, CzechRep.  (click on EN for English), then usually Parish Registers on the left, then usually Roman Catholic Church, then the parish you want.


Rev. Jan Dus, full service firm for gen. research and travel assistance all over the Cz.Rep.  They can provide testimonials from satisfied clients.  Speaks 5 languages.  Learn about them on their website or ask me for brochures. JN        e-mail:                             


Family Lines Professional Genealogical Researchers will search anywhere in the Czech Republic. Eduard Kovalda will assist you and quote rates. Ask for results in English.   e-mail

Jan Ebert from central Czech Rep. will work anywhere in the country and can report in Czech, English, German, Italian, Polish, and Russian!  He has delivered more than 100 gen. reports and is highly recommended.     His website 


PATH Finders Int’l., owned by Tomas and Marie Zahn does good work,  will locate relatives, book lodging, report in English, etc.     e-mail:


Pavla Kulisova & Joseph Rek, sister and brother,  grew up in Suchdol, Pavla still there and will work in Trebon Archive, photo houses, talk to residents, has list of Smelcovna old and new house numbers, etc.  Translation to English included.  Contact:


Barbora Mekotova will do light research, photos, etc. as well as assist tourists in planning and in touring in the Cz.Rep.  She offers accomodations, homie style, in her home near Prague.  Barbora speaks Czech & English and loves to help Americans with their trips.  Her prices depend on your needs.  Contact her at


Martin Pytr  does excellent work in Moravia and eastern Bohemia (Czech Republic).   e-mail:

Helena Svedova lives in Brno, Moravia.  She assists tourists with tailor made tours that can include Punkva Cave, Macocha Abyss, the UNESCO towns Trebic & Telc, castles and chateax, wine cellars, and the Austerlitz Battlefield where Napoleon’s army killed thousands in 1805.  Helena can book your hotel, translate, get you inside ancestral homes and churches, etc.  She doesn’t do archive research.     e-mail:

David Kohout from Prague works all over the Cz. Rep. , doing gen. research since 1993.  His specialty is finding Cz. origins for genealogists.  A TAG used Kohout and was very pleased.  Kohout’s website is   His e mail is

For problems or praise for any of the above, e me.