The following list of aliens (foreign-born) is based on observations of Oxford Twp. and Wyoming names in the two most common county seats that a new American in this locality would have applied for and been granted (“Second Papers”) citizenship. Pat Burda and I gathered the names for fun and make no claim to 100% inclusion. If your ancestor isn’t on this list, try the sources below.  Found more in 2010.  Ask me to e-mail you the data base.
The Jones County seat and courthouse are in Anamosa, IA. Their Naturalization records can be found at the courthouse in an 1860-1904 index and volumes 1 to 5, 1861-1902. Also on LDS films 1763111,12,13,17 covering 1858 to 1941; and on these  Jones Co.  websites:  and

The Jackson County seat and courthouse are in Maquoketa, IA. Their Naturalization records can be found in the Clerk of Court’s office, are in several old books from which they will copy for a small fee. Also, on the Jackson Co. genweb linked to Jones, above.

State Historical Society of Iowa Libraries in Des Moines and Iowa City have a Naturalization Index, 1842-1930. National Archives holds naturalization records,too.

The laws that governed naturalization were changed from time to time, but generally, for the mid to late 19th century, an alien needed to have lived in the U.S.A. for five years, with no absences. Two years after applying they were allowed to return to court for the granting which required their swearing allegiance to the United States, disavowing allegiance to their old country, and receiving a certificate of citizenship. They were allowed to use any district court, hence several people from Oxford Township went to Maquoketa instead of Anamosa. All the names were men’s as women didn’t become citizens, not being allowed to vote anyway. The applications include more genealogical material, including the applicant’s signature, than the grantings.

Abbreviations used in the index:
2 in last column indicates Second Papers (granting).
Aust = Austria. Some Bohemians stated Austria.
Balt = Baltimore, a port of arrival
bk = book
bkX = a book of applications, probably Book B, but not sure.
Brem = Bremen, a port of departure which was sometimes really Bremerhaven
Hamb = Hamburg, a port of departure
Havre = LeHavre, a port of departure
Jax = Jackson County
Jon = Jones County
NY = New York City, a port of arrival
p = page

Alien Applied Granted County & Book Other Info.
Agnew, Samuel 1892, Nov 7 Jax,p355 from Ireland.
Ahrensen, Hans C 1891, Sep 23 Jon,Bk3p113 from Germany
Ahrensen, Lorenz 1891, Sep 23 Jon,Bk3p112 from Germany
Beck Jax,bkA,p303 &306,339,398,399, and 403. granted
Beck Jax,bkX,p98 &p128,152,262, 299. application
Becker Jax,bkA,p55 &p114 & p115. granted
Bees, Francis Jax,bkA,p19 granted. from Holland
Benhart, Frank 1884, Sep 9 Jon,bk2,p112 from Bohemia
Benhart, Mike 1884, Sep 9 Jon,bk2,p113 from Bohemia
Benischek, John 1884, Sep 9 Jon,bk2p106 from Austria (Bohemia)
Benischek, Nich.(Ignatz) 1884, Oct 22 Jax,bkBp271 age 32,fromAustria, Bremen to NY,arrJune 1879
Beranek, Frank 1883, Oct 3 Jon,bk2p88 from Bohemia
Beranek, John 1891, Oct 19 Jax,bkBp363 age 60, from Bohemia. Hamb to NY June 1871. lvg Jones
Beranek, John 1883, Oct 3 Jon,bk2,p90 from Bohemia
Beranick (Beranek), Francis 1860, Oct 22 Jon,p41 2. from Austria
Berner Jax,bkA,p189 granted
Berner Jax,bkX,p62 application
Berner, Ch. 1894, Jan 9 Jax,bkBp384 age 53,from Holstein,Hamb to NY,arr Nov. 1890
Berner, Gottlieb 1867, Dec 13 Jax,bkBp83 age ?, from Ruttensburg? Germ. Havre to NY Nov 1856
Berner, Henry 1864, Sep 28 Jax,bkBp62 age 29, from Germany. NY Sep 1859.
Bernhard (Benhart?), Thomas 1882, Oct 6 Jon,bk2p55 from Austria
Bernhart (Benhart?), Joseph 1883, Oct 3 Jon, bk2,p91 from Austria
Bizek, Vaclav 1886, Oct 20 Jax,bkX,p304 age 52. from Vodnan?Aust. Hamb to NY Apr 1885
Blizek, Joseph Jax,bkA,p190 granted. from Austria.
Blizek, Michael 1882, Oct 6 Jon, bk2,p54 from Austria
Blizek, Vit 1880, Mar 5 Jon,p320 2, from Austria
Broderson, Henry 1892, Oct Jax,bkBp373 age 47,from Horstedt(Germ).Bremen to Balt Mar ’89,lvgJones
Broderson, J.W. or J.M. 1890, Dec 16 Jax,bkBp356 NY,arr May 1873.
Broderson, J.W.or J.M. 1890, Dec 16 Jax,bkBp356 age 45, from N.Schlezwich(Schleswig?), Germ.
Broderson, Kartsen 1888, Nov 12 Jax,bkBp341 age 51, from Schlessig. Copenhagen to NY,arr Feb.’84.
Broderson, M. Jax,bkA,p435 granted
Broderson, Peter H. 1891, Mar 18 Jax,bkBp359 age 44,from Denmark. Hamb toNY,arr May 1874. lvg Jax.
Broderson, Rasmus 1893, Aug 12 Jax,bkBp379 age 50,from Schleswig. Hamb to NY, arr July1889.lvg Jax.
Broderson, Swen 1888, Oct 4 Jon,b3,p5
Broderson, Thomas 1901, Sep Jax,bk2#22 from Germany, came before age 18.
Broderson, Thomas T. 1888, Oct 4 Jon,bk3,p7
Brokop (Prokop), Francis 1860, Jun 13 Jon,p28 2. from Bohemia
Buckhols (Buchholtz), Fred 1871, Mar 13 Jax,bkBp125 age 25,(from Germany). Bremen to NY, arr Feb 1867
Burda, Joseph 1874, Dec 17 Jon,p205 2.from Bohemia. date might be b’day.
Burmeister, J.W. Jax,bkBp172
Burmeister, John 1866 Jax,bkBp69
Burmeister, John Jax,bkBp319 probably application.
Cada, Frank 1905, Dec 14 Jax,bkBp428 ag21,fromHrdlorezy(Boh).Brem.toBalt Jul 1905. lvg O.Jct.
Carstens, Diedr.(Diedrich) 1899, Oct 31 Jax,bk2#5 from Germany
Carstens, Diedrich 1895, Nov 12 Jax,bkBp399 age 31, Bremen to NY, arr May 1890.
Carstensen, August 1895, Oct 19 Jax,bkBp397 or p362. age 22, from Germany. Hamb to NY Mar 1891
Carter, James 1877, Mar 10 Jon,p254 2. from England.
Carter, Wm. 1865, Sep 30 Jax,bkB,p68 age 32, from Gravis End, Kent Co.,Gr Brit. lvg in Jax Co.
Carter, Wm. 1865, Sep 30 Jax,bkB,p68 passage East India Dock to NY, May 1858
Cave Jax,bkA,p204 & p305 granted
Christensen Jax,bkA,p437 granted
Christiansen, Jens 1886, Sep 17 Jon,bk2p179 from Germany
Christiansen, Jens C. 1884, Sep 10 Jon,bk2p119 from Germany
Cimel, John (were two) 1886, Feb 25 Jax,bkBp297 age 47, from Vienna (or just Austria).Bremen to Balt.Jul.’82
Clasen, Nicholas 1874, June 28 Jax,bkB,p164 age 32, from Luneburg? Holland. Antwerp to NY Apr 1872
Clausen Jax,bkA,p409 granted
Coleman, George 1880, Oct 29 Jax,bkBp? age 26 from Oxfordshire, GrBrit. Liverp’l to NY may 1874.Jax
Dolazal (Dolezal), Frank 1883, Feb 14 Jon,bk2,p62 from Bohemia
Dolezal, John 1886, May 14 Jax,bkX,p300 age 31, from Doudlevi?,Aust. Bremen to NY, Sept 1882
Dolezal, Joseph 1886, Oct 20 Jax,bkX,p304 age 55.from Zbanov(Dzbanov), Bremen to NY Oct 1866
Dostal, Joseph 1860, Jun 13 Jon,p31 2.from Austr.Applied in Johnson Co.
Durkop, Carl/Karl 1894, Feb 1 Jax,bkBp384 age 28, from Schleswig Holst.Hamb to NY, arr Mar 1890.
Dusanek, John 1880, Mar 5 Jon,p319 2. from Austria
Dusial (Dusil), Joseph 1876, Apr 5 Jax,bkBp190 age 40, from Austria. Bremen to Balt, arr June 1875
Fritz Jax,bkA,p193 & p241. granted
Fritz Jax,bkX,p32 application
Fritz, Ignatz 1880, Oct 2 Jon,bk2p5 from Austria
Fritz, John 1883, Oct 3 Jon,bk2p89 from Bohemia
Fritz, Martin 1876, Oct 5 Jax,bkBp195 age? from Germany. Havre to NY arr Jul 1866. lvg Jax Co
Gaude (Gade), Henry 1879? Jax,bkX from Germany, came in 1868 at age 13.
Groth, Herman 1882, Oct 23 Jax,bkBp252 age 44, from Heide, Holstein. Hamb to NY, arr Aug.1865.
Hansen Jax,bkA,p322 & p388, 389, 395, 396, 438. granted
Hansen, August 1886, Feb 23 Jon,bk2p164 fromGermany
Hansen, Frederick F. 1880, Oct 2 Jon,bk2p3 from Germany. Might have said 1886.
Hansen, Hans 1900, Oct 8 Jon,bk4p10 from Germany
Hansen, Joachim 1902, Mar 10 Jon,bk4p36 from Germany
Hansen, John A. 1900, Oct 9 Jon,bk4p8 fromGermany
Hansen, John Henry M. 1890, Oct 13 Jon,bk3p93 from Germany
Hansen, John P. 1902, Oct 9 Jon,bk4p43 from Germany
Hanson, Olof 1900, Sep 17 Jon,bk3p282 from Norway
Herda, John 1880? Jax,bkBp232 age 31, from Tichen?Austr. Arr Mar ’80? (prob. APPLIED ’80)
Hodoval Jax,bkA,p385 granted
Hudelek (Hudrlik), Joseph 1878, Sep 25 Jon, p277 2. from Bohemia
Jurgesen, Claus 1893, Oct 5 Jon,bk3p170 from Germany
Jurgeson, Julius 1888, Sep 26 Jon,bk2p281 from Germany
Konba (Kouba?), Joseph 1879, Dec 18 Jon p313 2. from Austria
Koranda, Frank 1882, Oct 6 Jon,bk2p56 from Bohemia. JN has his certificate.
Koranda, John 1879, Mar 11 Jon,p297 2. from Bohemia. JN has his certificate.
Koranda, Joseph 1885, Oct 22 Jax,p153 from Bohemia.
Koranda, Mike 1899, Oct 31 Jax,bk2#6 from Bohemia
Koranda, Nich. 1888, Dec 20 Jax, p244 from Austria
Koranda,Nicholas(asKuranda) 1886, Feb 25 Jax,bkB,p297 age 24, from Vienna,Aus.Hamb to NY June 1881.lvg Jones
Kostachek, Frank 1883, Feb 14 Jon,bk2p61 from Bohemia
Kretzfield (Krutzfeld), John 1891, Feb 13 Jax,bkBp357 age 37, living in Clinton Co. (Sharon Twp.)
Kroupik (Kropik), Joseph 1884, Sep 9 Jon,bk2p103 from Austria
Kulhavi, Joseph 1877, Dec 13 Jon,p264 2. from Bohemia, came as minor.
Laisek (Lasack), Frank 1868, Sep 7 Jon,p58 2. from Bohemia. Had applied in Jax Co.
Lasick (Lasack), Frank 1864, Feb 2 Jax,bkBp59 age 31,from Bohemia. Bremen to NY in Nov 1860.lvg Jones
Machek, Joseph 1858, Sep 20 Jax,bkBp11 age 37, fromBohemia. Bremen to NY Aug 1857
Macho, Leopold 1892, Oct 11 Jax,bkBp372 age 22 from Bohemia. Hamb to Balt May 1889,lvg Jones Co
Mesaur (Mizaur), Joseph 1874, May 24 Jon,p158 2. from Bohemia
Miller Jax,bkA,p128 granted
Murray, Henry 1888, May 23 Jax,bkBp329 age 30,from Belfast,Ireland. Belf. to NY,arr. Oct. 1868
Murray, Patrick 1888, Mar 2 Jax,bkBp327 age 40, from Great Brit. Belfast to NY, arr Nov.1868.Clint.Co
Murray, Thomas 1880, Sep 7 Jax,bkBp231 age 40,from Rosscommon,GrBrit.Liverpool to Detroit,May’70
Norris, Nathaniel 1859, May 5 Jon,p11 2. from Ireland
Novotny, Jacob 1894, Oct 16 Jax,bkBp389 age 59, from Austria. Hamb to NY arr June 1892. lvg Jones
Nowacek, Frank 1868, Oct 5 Jon, p62 2. from Bohemia, came as minor.
Nowachek, Bird (Bert/Burt) 1879, May 19 Jon,p298 2. from Bohemia
Panuska, John 1876, Nov 23 Jax,bkBp198 age 36, from Aust. NY arr mar 1876. lvg Jax Co
Paulischta (Pavlista), Francis 1860, Jun 13 Jon, p29 2. from Austria (Boh). Had appl’d in Johnson Co
Pavelec, Jacob 1901, Oct 2 Jon, bk4p30 from Austria
Pekar (Peckosh), Joseph 1882, Oct 4 Jon,bk2p50 from Bohemia
Pekas, Vactor 1884, Sep 9 Jon,bk2p114 from Bohemia. Peckosh?
Peterson Jax,bkA,p435 granted
Quandt, Chris. (Christian) 1885?Mar25 Jax,bkBp287 age 44. from Mecklenburg.
Quandt? Jax,bkA,p195 granted
Root Jax,bkA,p82 & p 84. granted
Roubinek, Frank 1869, Nov 1 Jax,bkX,p107 age 52, from Bohemia. Bremen to Cgo (?), Sept 1867.
Roubinek, Frank 1891, Oct 19 Jax,bkBp362 age32,from Bohem. Hamb to NY Aug 1890. lvg Jones Co.
Sacora Jax,bkA,p189 granted
Sazma, Albert 1887, Sep 28 Jon,bk2p222 from Bohemia. JN has his certificate.
Sazma, Chas. 1887, Oct 19 Jax,bkBp321 age 25,from Austria. Hamb to NY, June 1885.lvg Jones Co.
Shedeck Jax,bkA,p79 granted
Simpersky, Joseph 1891, Oct 19 Jax,bkBp363 age 25, from Bohemia. Hamb to NY Sept 1891. lvg Jones
Smola, Adolph 1885, Apr 18 Jax,bkBp288 from Luckwitz?Luckenrlze? Aust. Brem to NY,Dec188X. Jax
Smola, Francis 1878, Mar Jax,bkBp211 age 21,from Dobre? Aust.Bremen to NY, Apr 1876
Smola, John Jax,bkA,p266 granted. from Austria
Souhiada, Vaclar 1875, Dec 21 Jon,p218 2. from Bohemia. Souhrada?
Tech, Michael 1887, May 23 Jon,bk2p209 from Prussia (part of now Germany was Prussia)
Trnka, John 1887, Oct 29 Jax,bkBp321 age 39, from Bohemia. Bremen to NY, arr may 1885
Vacek, Martin 1882, Feb 23 Jon,bk2p30 from Bohemia
Vashkovsky(Vaskovsky)Matej 1892, Oct 8 Jax,bkBp371 age 25, from Austria. Bremen to NY, May 1887. lvg Jones
Vomachka (Womachka),John 1885, Oct 22 Jax,bkB,p292 age 43, from Bohemia. Hamb to NY May 1883. lvg Jones
Vozenilek, John 1885, Oct 21 Jax, p152 from Austria
Wasoba (Wosoba), John J. 1880, Mar 5 Jon,p318 2. from Austria.
Wasoba (Wosoba),Wentzel 1883, Oct 3 Jon,bk2p87 from Bohemia
Weber, N. Jax,bkA,p214 granted
Weber, Nich. 1884, Feb 19 Jax,bkBp264 age 27, from Gunter(Gundsach),Aust.AntwerptoNY,Mar’82
Wilimak Jax,bkA,p117 granted
Wochoska(Vochoska), Albert 1895, Oct 19 Jax,p401 from Aust. (Hrdlorezy, Bohemia), came at age 11.
Wochoska(Vochoska), Joseph 1884, Sep 12 Jon,bk2p122 from Bohemia
Wochoska(Vochoska),John 1884, Sep 12 Jon,bk2p124 from Bohemia
Wosaba(Wosoba), John 1876, Sep 12 Jon,p238 2. from Austria
Wosaba(Wosoba), Joseph 1874, May 18 Jon,p188 2. from Bohemia
Wosaba(Wosoba), Michael 1874, May 18 Jon,p190 2. from Bohemia. There were 2 Mike Wosoba.
Wosaba(Wosoba), Michael 1874, May 18 Jon, p189 from Bohemia. There were 2 Mike Wosoba.
Wosobe, Francis 1866, Jun 25 Jon,p68 2. from Germany. Wosoba??
Wozemilek(Vozenilek),Joseph 1884, Sep 9 Jon,bk2p111 from Bohemia
Wozenilek(Vozenilek),Frank 1893,Oct 28 Jax,p361 from Austria. Came under the age of 18.
Wozenilek(Vozenilek),John 1885, Oct 29 Jax, p159 from Austria. lvg in Jones Co.
Wozenilek(Vozenilek),Wensel 1884, Oct 23 Jax, p129 from Austria
Yanda, John 1904, Oct 7 Jon,bk5p18 from Germany. came as minor. (prob. Bohemia)
Zak, Albert 1886, Feb 25 Jax,bkBp298 age 32, from Austria. Hamb to NY Apr 1882. Lvg Jones Co
Zak, Frank 1888, May 24 Jax,bkBp329 age 21, from Austria. Hamb to NY mar. 1885? lvg Jones Co
Zarmastil(Zamastil), John 1882, Dec 21 Jon,bk2p60 from Bohemia
Zaruba, Mike (Mattej) 1886, Oct 21 Jax,bkX,p305 age 22. Bremen to NY, arr June 1882.
Zaruber (Zaruba), John 1884, Sep 9 Jon, bk2p108 from Bohemia
Zeimel(Zimel?) (Cimel?) Jax,bkA,p53 granted
Zimmer (Cimmer?/Cimel?) Jax,bk?,p207 application