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Algona, Iowa Early Algona, The Story of Our Pioneers, 1854- 1874, by Florence Call Cowles, 1929. Algona is in Kossuth County.
Cemetery, Jackson Twp. Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Jackson Twp.,Jones Co., est.1854 & restored. Alpha’d 1856, 60, 70, 85, etc. census of JaxTwp
Cemetery, Madison Twp. Madison Center Cem’y, Mad. Twp., Jones Co. est 1852, restored, sec. 16, oldest stone 1853. plus census info.
Cemetery, Wyoming Wyoming Cemetery Indexes, Plot Records, & Plat, laminated. Index is names of the buried, in alpha order.
Census figures 1990 Census Profile Local populations in 1980, 1990, & 1992
Centennial farms 1976 Centennial farms, incl. Burda, Divoky, Slouha of O.J. & Tasker, Allen of Wyo., 2 Rohwedders of Olin. a of O.J.; Tasker & Allen of Wyo.; 2 Rohwedders of Olin
English pioneers in Iowa The British in Iowa by Jacob VanDerZee, 1922 Part I, British Emigrants to IA, began 1833, deep detail
Genealogies A History of My People & Yours by C.N.McMillan Gen’y of Lake,McMillan,Woods,Congdon,Temple,Cramton,Allen. NY & CT
Genealogies Aldrich, includes Christiansen, Ellefsen, Hansen, Henderson, Hutchinson, Nicholson, and Olson Henderson, Hutchinson, Nicholson, Olson.
Genealogies Beranek & Green. Genealogies in notebooks & booklets. Perhaps a few others are in Hotel Williams Museum, Wyo.
Genealogies Green, Moore, Luce, & Coffman by Jones County Genealogical Society. Wyoming pioneers.
Genealogy, how to do Genealogy, a notebook on gen. research
German origins Bredstedt, Stadt in der Mitte Nordfrieslands, bk not in library, but is on town of Bredstedt, a Wyoming origin.
German origins Dorfchronik Horstedt 1990, not in Wyo. but is book on town of Horstedt, Schleswig-Holstein, a Wyoming origin.
German origins Husum, Hattstedt, and area sent many to Wyo. is wrking on book on this cluster emigration
Grinnell, Iowa pioneer Iowa Biographical Series, Josiah Bushnell Grin- nel, by Charles E. Payne, Grinnell, Iowa (in Poweshiek County)
Historical tidbits M/M Joseph Merritt of Olin had 1st white baby born in Jones Co. – Rebecca b. 5 Jan. 1839. orn in Jones Co., Rebecca b. 5 Jan. 1839.
History various history books are shelved here
Indians, American several books
Iowa & USA information Your Iowa….and Nation, Class Rm Guide Post Flag, government, constitution, Declaration of Independence, etc.
Iowa and the Midwest Middle West Country, Wm Carter, 1975 modern photos including aerial of the corn belt.
Iowa atlas A.T. Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa, 1875. good atlas.
Iowa City, IA and Iowa The Old Stone Capitol Remembers, by Benjam. F. Shambaugh, 1939. 100th ann’y of founding of Iowa City, hist. of twn & IA
Iowa County, Iowa Iowa County 1846-1996, sesquicentennial book Ida Grove, Battle Creek, Arthur, holstein, Galva, Cushing in n.w. Iowa
Iowa early history Between Two Rivers, Iowa Year by Year 1846- 1940, by Allan Carpenter, 1940. Stories from the history of IA.
Iowa early history Eastern Iowa Prehistory, Duane Anderson,1981 large print. good info on Indians and early Iowa.
Iowa early history The Making of Iowa, Henry Sabin, LLD and Edwin Sabin, 1900. good on early Iowa. p. 162 is prairie chickens
Iowa history A History of Iowa by Leland L. Sage*
Iowa history A History of the People of Iowa, by Cyrenus Cole, 1921. p.123 has prairies. good Indian info.
Iowa history IA history collection was dispersed in 2008. Over 25 bks gone. * = book still in library, June ’08.
Iowa history Iowa – Portrait of the Land* excellent, by Dept. of Natural Resources in 2000.
Iowa history Iowa Beautiful Land, A History of Iowa, by Jessie Merrill Dwelle, 1958.Good bk.Grasshoppers were in IA in 1873.
Iowa history Iowa History Reference Guide, compiled by Wm J Petersen, 1952. Extensive list of source material.
Iowa history Iowa Journal of History, State Historical Soc’y of IA quarterly, Oct. 1956. re: Indians and railroads
Iowa history Iowa The Pioneer Heritage by Dr. Wm Houlette* detailed history, good photos, little on Jones Co.
Iowa history Looking Backward on Hawkeyeland, Wm. J. Petersen, State Historical Soc’y, 1947. pix of Blackhawk, 1st train into IA.
Iowa history Picture Book of Iowa, Bernadine Bailey good history, reads like intended for older children.
Iowa history Studies in Iowa History, State Historical Soc’y Jan. 1970 – Iowa: The Home for Immigrants (early IA incl.earliest RR maps
Iowa history Studies in Iowa History, State Historical Soc’y Feb. 1969 – The Negro in Iowa, 2 copies, 1 w/comments by Wm.J.Petersen
Iowa history Studies in Iowa History, State Historical Soc’y July 1971 – History of the Spirit Lake Massacre.
Iowa history The Annals of Iowa, Vol. 55 #3, 1996 subject/s not noted.
Iowa history The Annals of Iowa, Vol. 55 #4, 1996 photo & article on Rev. Billy Sunday from Story County, Iowa
Iowa history The Palimpsest, State Historical Soc’y of Iowa monthly publications, approximately 85 issues.
Iowa history The Story of Iowa, The Progress of an American State, by Wm. J. Petersen, Vol. I & II, 1952.
Iowa history & description This Is The Place – Iowa, by Margaret Posten Iowa, past & present (1965) including Indians & photo of Rev. Billy Sunday
Iowa history & Indians Iowa – Through the Years, by Cyrenus Cole,1940 history including Indians in Iowa
Iowa history & life In No Time At All by Carl Hamilton* about the Midwest from 1910 to 1940.
Iowa history & neat facts Iowa, by Angela & Richard Sjolund, 1975 history & present (’75). 1858=wettest yr on record, IA 200 X 300 mi., etc.
Iowa history & photos Iowa, A Celebration of Land, People & Purpose* Iowa’s sesquicentennial bk, 1996, mostly photos.
Iowa history & pioneer days Ioway to Iowa, The Genesis of a Corn & Bible Commonwealth, by Irving B. Richman, 1931. p. 175-196 on prairie.
Iowa history & politics The Iowa Journal of History & Politics, Jan.1934 , State Historical Soc’y. Black Hawk (MaKaTaiMeSheKiaKiak) & photo, etc
Iowa history & politics The Iowa Journal of History &Politics, Jan.1934 Buffalo, money in pioneer IA 1838-65, bio of Black Hwk, his 1833 speech….
Iowa history & rivers The Magnificent Mississippi – Legends of Our Land. much on Indians, Black Hawk, and the Wapsipinicon River
Iowa history & trappers Story of Iowa, W.L.Wallace,1931,school text comprehensive. 60,082 skins collected by traders from Sac&Fox1819-20
Iowa soil Always the Land by Paul Engle re: soil of IA, historical fiction.
Iowa, authors of Iowa Literary Heritage Trail, 1993* authors who wrote about old Iowa.
Iowa, facts & history Iowa’s Natural Heritage* author not noted. oversized with photos and some text.
Iowa, facts & history The Iowa Quick-Fact Book, by Copper Press,’91 Mostly modern. History on p. 22-52
Iowa, state business Iowa Official Register 1917-1918 incl. population Jones Co.1838,241;1840,475;1844,1112;1860,13,306;1870,19,731; etc.
Jackson County, Iowa History of Jackson County, Iowa, 1989 by Jackson Co. Hisotrical & Genealogical Society, incl. township plats.
Jackson County, Iowa History of Jackson County, Iowa, 1989 includes some submitted genealogies, some with errors.
Jones County atlas Pictorial Atlas, Jones County Iowa years 1965, 1977, 1983-84, & 1988. Besides plats, good photos in ’65’s.
Jones County history History of Jones County, Vol. I, by Corbit Vol. I is general history, Vol. II is biographies of Jones Co. people.
Jones County history History of Jones County, Vol. II, 1910 Index of names in same. S. J. Clarke, publisher.
Marriages in Jones County Jones County IA Marriages 1840-1877 sorted by groom and by bride. Also can be found online.
Mennonites The Mennonites in Iowa (book)
Military, Civil War Roster (of) Iowa Soldiers in the War of Rebellion Vol. II, 1861-66. publ. 1908. about the Civil War.
Military, Civil War & Korea several books on the Civil War and one, War in Korea.
Military, soldiers Iowans Called to Valor* author not noted.
Military, World War I History of the World War (WWI), 1918. by Francis A. March PhD.
Military, WWII? Iowa – In Times of War, by Jacob A. Swisher, 1943. Probably about WWII.
Minnesota The Voyageur’s Highway by Grace Lee Nute Minnesota’s Border lake Land, 1945. p. 97 has chronology re: MN
Mississippi flood The Flood 1965, by Clinton Herald (newspaper) Apr. 28, ’65 was the worst day of this flood of the Mississippi River
Mississippi River A Log to the Upper Mississippi River, 1975 by Warren E. Brant. has historic photos.
Natural Resources in Iowa Perspectives on Iowa Coal by Stolp & Deluca 1976, Energy & Mineral Resources Research Institute.
Newspapers of Wyoming Wyoming Journals, publ. 1870 and later w/gaps Most were microfilmed. Originals are bound and not avail. to the public.
Obituaries, Wyoming & area Obituaries 1973-1988 fr. Midland Times, Anamosa Journal/Eureka, Monti.Express, compiled by Ida J. Tasker. sa Journal/Eureka, Monti. Express. Compiled by Ida J. Tasker.
Pioneer days A Glimpse of Iowa in 1846, John B. Newhall Jones & Cedar Counties on p. 31. Important book on pioneer days.
Pioneer days, housing In Cabins and Sod-Houses, Thomas MacBride 1928. covers 1846-60, reads like fiction, has photo of sod hse.
Pioneer days, life in Iowa Biographical Series, Robert G. Cousins, by Jacob Swisher, 1938 p.102 life of the pioneers
Pioneer days, travel Until We Reach The Valley by Ann Irwin and Bernice Reida, 1978.Captivating story of family’s journey across the priairie
Pioneer dys, prairie grass,etc Pure Nostalgia – Memories of Early Iowa by Carl Hamilton who went from Illinois to n.w. Iowa in 1870.
Place names From Ackley to Zwingle* by Harold, Kathleen & Linda Dilts. Origins of place names.
Place names Iowa, Place Names of Indian Origin* by Virgil J. Vogel
Pleasant Ridge, ne of Wyo. Fifty Years on Pleasant Ridge names farmers and previous owners in P.R., n.e. of Wyoming.
Prairie grass Wapsipinicon Almanac, 1988 p.36&37 is prairie forbs w/bloom color & date and plant height.
Preston, Iowa 100 Years of Progress – Preston IA 1870-1970 a centennial book. Preston is east of Maquoketa & in Jackson County
Scott County, Iowa The Annals of Iowa, Vol. 1, 1863, on Scott Co., Indians, etc. 1864 started quarterly publication by State Historical Soc’y
Spirit Lake Massacre History of the Spirit Lake Massacre & Captivity of Miss Abbie Gardner (in 1857) by abigail Gardner Sharp, 1923
Steamboating Steamboating On The Upper Mississippi, 1968 by Wm. J. Petersen (head of State Historical Soc’y of Iowa)
Strawberry Point, Iowa Strawberry Point – Vignettes of an Iowa Childh’d by Florence Roe Wiggins, 1967. Strawberry Pt. is in Clayton County.
Surnames of Iowa The Iowa Genealogical Society Surname Index Vol. 2, 1975, member submissions & Vol. 3, 1977, 2 volumes of same.
Townships in USA Township Atlas of the United States shows all twps in counties and gives start dates & boundary changes
Williamsburg, Iowa Williamsburg IA Centennial book, 1957 Wmbg is west of Iowa City, in Iowa County.
World history The Story of Mankind, by Hendrik VanLoon,1921 good & easy, history of the world. Famous book.
Wyoming area history The Historical Society of Wyoming Iowa and Recollections of its Members. Started in 1921. Good source of local hist’y.
Wyoming early families Windows To The Past by Janet Lou Rhoads, 1982, re: Hooker, Pixley, Smith, Davis, Boarland, & Ward in Wyo. ca. 1900
Wyoming history Bicentennial (1976), a scrapbook of the event There is no Centennial book from 1955.
Wyoming history Marshfield Minutemen 1776-1976 2 notebooks on Wyo.’s celebration of USA’s bicentennial, organization.
Wyoming history The History of Wyoming, Iowa 1855-2005 Sesquicentennial book, well-written by committee in 2005.
Wyoming Public Library 109 W Main St, Wyo.IA52362, 563 488-3975 Library Director is Nicole Rushford. see URL
Wyoming Public Library e-mail: website?
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