A Wayfarer in Czechoslovakia, by E. I. Robson. The author wrote this book about his 1924 tour of (then) Czechoslovakia which included Bohemia and Moravia. Robson was an educated man, sharing his knowledge of the history of the country as well as his
trip around it. Some notes from the book:
Another name for Trebon is Tribau (large town in South Bohemia).
The chapter on Jan Hus, a social reformer who attempting to reform the corrupt Catholic Church, is extensive. It includes Hus’s predecessors in that effort. Hus (Jan from the village of Husinec) created the Czech language’s diacritical marks.
The history of the leadership and government of Bohemia is detailed. After WWI big estates were taken over, w/compensations, from alien owners, and distributed in parcels to the peasantry.
Page 140 explains Jan Zizka, Hussite leader, founder of Tabor, and another Czech of many statues throughout the country.
The final chapter is on Wallenstein/Waldstein a significant figure in Czech government who drove the Saxons out of Prague in 1632.
A Wayfarer… is not recommended for light reading. It is good for detailed information on certain subjects. It is at Wregie Memorial Library, Oxford Jct. IA.