The village chronicles of Mladosovice, Nepomuk, and Salmanovice, as well as part of the History of Kojakovice, were deposited in Wregie Library in Oxford Jct. in 2003.  The book Cesky Casopis historicky has Kojakovice starting on page 163.  The chronicles of Hrdlorezy and Suchdol nad Luznici were added to Wregie in 2008. In late 2009 the online Trebon Archives posted several village chronicles including Bor and Cep. See pages on this website for Bor and Hrdlorezy chronicle guides. I have the Klikov chronicle in pdf files, and an associate is making a guide.  It is hoped that more chronicles from the villages south of Trebon will be added to the Trebon Archives site:

The chronicles include history of the village and a record of residency of each house. Sometimes births, marriages, deaths, and occupations are mentioned. Some name the sick and the buildings that burned, and some include insightful observations of war, epidemics, etc. The Bohemian spellings of surnames and vulgo/neb (alias) names are revealed.

The chronicles are in the Czech language, of course, but names, dates, and places are recognizable, and there is a brief language guide to help in Wregie Library. You may use the chronicles at Wregie and/or hire someone to work for you. Contact me if you need a researcher from Oxford Jct.

Because the chronicles contain vital genealogical information, we want to acquire more for Wregie. If you have a partial or complete chronicle of one of the villages south of Trebon, and are willing to copy it, I will pay the photocopying and postage costs. Or if you know elsewhere in the USA that a chronicle exists, please try to get a copy or tell me about it. Contact me at  Thanks, JN

Chronicles from South Bohemia were donated to the CGSI library in September 2018.  There they are accessible to the public.