>>>SMALL TOWNS is 18 years old now in January 2018.  I welcome your photos and information. To network thru this site, e-mail me with an appeal that I can forward to 140+- TAG (Trebon Area Genealogists) whose addresses are kept private. Ask me for a list of genealogists for Dzbanov u Vysoke Myto, Cz. Rep.  and Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

>>>The O.J. Genealogy Club published a book on the country schools of Oxford Township, only $15.  Contact me if you want one and I’ll pass on your request.  And in ’06 the club published a book on the pioneers of Oxford Twp.,  A New Land, A New Life, Pioneers of Oxford Twp, Jones Co. IA, 1880 and Earlier.  See link: Gift Shop, then OJ Museum Gift Shop. They are $25 plus postage.  Note other items that the museum sells including four CDs of good info.  Also sold through the OJ museum is the 2013 book John Bryan, His Life, His Land, His Town, Oxford Junction, Iowa with early history of Oxford Township and O.J., 19th century migration, regional art, and genealogy of Bryan, Coon, and Walston.  $22 for hardcopies and $8 for DVDs which contain 14 other OJ-related documents.  The Fair and Fertile Prairie, A Story of Emigration from North Frisia to Wyoming, Iowa was completed in 2014 and includes O.J. people.  $24 for hardcopies, $10 for DVDs, available at the Wyoming Historical Museum, Wyoming IA 52362, or order thru

>>>The Rozmberk Society (linked to SMALL TOWNS) is an important affiliation for us.  One of their projects is operating a Peasant Museum in an architecturally interesting old schoolhouse in Kojakovice (part of the municipality of Jilovice and near Suchdol nad Luznici) which depicts life as it was in the villages in South Bohemia in the 19th century, displays lineage of a few Kojakovice families including Vochozka who emigrated to Oxford Jct., and exhibits items from and about Oxford Junction, Iowa because many families from that part of South Bohemia emigrated to Oxford Jct.  (See Sister City announcement).  The official opening of the museum was June 2, 2001 and was attended by representatives from Oxford Jct.  Rozmberk Society’s website is very interesting and informative.  It includes instructions for making donations to their important projects.

Rozmberk Society can provide us with information about South Bohemia, answer our specific questions, and conduct genealogical research as Czech Ancestry.  One of their researschers was employed in the Trebon Archive for five years and is familiar with all source materials for the Trebon area.  They prefer to work in 10 hour bouts at $20? (ask for current rate) per hour.  Work begins when the scope of the research is agreed on, is completed in a few weeks (can be longer if archive is closed for the summer), and results are released when payment is received.  Their rates are reasonable  considering their expertise.   They will consider small orders, too. To contact them, e mail     

Rozmberk Society wants to acquire historic items related to the Kojakovice community for inclusion in their exhibits in the Peasant Museum.  They would consider items from surrounding villages if they are typical of the area.  Some of these artifacts would need to “go home”, having been taken to America by emigrants.  Should you have something (a physical item, photos taken in Kojakovice, data regarding former residents of same, etc.) that you are willing to donate to Rozmberk Society, contact them or me.  See their website for more.

>>>Sister City — On 11 July 2000, the town council of Oxford Junction, Iowa voted to accept a proposal to establish a sister city alliance with the municipality of Jilovice which includes the village of Kojakovice (see Rozmberk Society announcement).  A cluster emigration occurred — many from the Jilovice and Trebon area emigrated to Oxford Jct., making an appropriate alliance.  The SMALL TOWNS projects played a small but proud part in forming this connection.  Drs. Robert Dulfer and Olga Cerna, founders of the Rozmberk Society, represented Jilovice in their visit to Oxford Jct. in December 2000, and returned several times.  Representatives from Oxford Jct. visited Jilovice and attended the grand opening of the Peasant Museum in Kojakovice on June 2, 2001.  The opening was indeed a grand event.  It included tours of the museum, interaction with local people, good food, horse-cart rides, demonstrations, sister city ceremony, live music, dancing, mass in the Kojakovice chapel, and more.  The O.J. delegation toured area villages,  fish ponds, and castles, researched in the Trebon Archives, enjoyed other activities including touring in Prague, and returned glowing with pleasure and full of their cultural heritage.

>>>Cluster Emigrations – Besides the cluster emigration of 30 to 40 families from the villages near Trebon in South Bohemia to Oxford Jct. IA, there was one of at least 30 families from Dzbanov u Vysoke Myto in northeast Bohemia to O.Jct., a lesser number from Delaware County, Ohio, and an extensive one from the Husum area in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany to the Wyoming area in Jones County, Iowa.  Please contact me if you have ancestry from Dzbanov or the Husum area as there are active projects relating to those cluster emigrations.

>>>Why me?!  I have been asked to explain why a woman in Florida made a website about a town in Iowa.  I grew up on a farm southeast of Oxford Jct., always interested in genealogy and history, and stayed in touch with friends and relatives there.  Early in 2000 I realized that in my genealogical research I had learned the other-place origins of many families from O.J., and noticed that several of them came from the same part of Bohemia and further, there were others researching the lineage of Oxford Jct.  I was also interested in the origins of Wyoming IA, having noticed a common origin, the village of Hattstedt by Husum in North Frisia, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.  Therein lay the seeds for the website.  I’ve had great cooperation from so many people, that I consider this another one of eastern Jones County’s community projects.  I hope that it can continue to grow and be considered a helpful places-specific history and genealogical tool.

Judy Nelson, 11829 Point Blvd, New Port Richey FL 34654