Observations of the early census, Oxford Twp., etc.

1850 Fed., Iowa, Jones Co. – Searched but not found: Beck, Carter, Courtright, Eleck, Jilek, Korbel, Vilimak, Vosoba, Willimack, Wosoba.

1850 State Aricultural, IA, Jones Co. – There was no Oxford Twp. yet, and Hale Twp. not found. Rome Twp. was closest, had 80 farmers including Joseph Bumgaraner. No Czech names seen. In Richland Twp. there was a Solomen Hayden. This agri census was more legible than the 1860 and could be referenced to clarify a name in the hard-to-read 1860.

1852 State, IA, Jones Co., Hale Twp. – The people who entered the data for Genweb couldn’t read all the surnames. Knowing what to look for, an O.J.er might find a pioneer. There is a Duboys (Dubois?), Levin & Julia Walston, Samuel & Mariah Coon, Robert & Eliz. Waite, John & Emma Waite. 227 people in Hale Twp.

1854 State, IA, Jones Co., Hale Twp. – Per Genweb, this included Bumgarner, McClure, Duboice (Dubois?), Walston, Thurston, Overacker, Coon, Bryan, Root, etc. 377 people in Hale Twp. In Richland Twp. there was a John Hayden and a Joshua Carter.

1856 State, IA, Jones Co., Oxford Twp. – Many names including Walston, Brian (Bryan), Lesley, Debois (Dubois?), Macluer (McClure), Hall, Coon, Leffingwell, Carter, Schawob (Schwab), Wherry, Wait (Waite) and Czechs: Casper, Branrik (Beranek), Picnric (Pekarek/Pegorick), Broky (Prokop), Passorick (Pazourek), Pauwelca (Pawelka/Powelka), Luke, Dosta (Dostal), etc. 10,452 in Jones Co. in ’56.

1860 Fed., IA – Index book is alphabetized for whole state. There were no: Vilimac, Villimac, Wilimack, Willimack, Vilamac, Villamac, Wilamack, Willamack, Eleck (Jilek), Balichek, Petersen/son, Carstensen/son, Dolezal, Koranda, Korbel, Nespor, Wasoba, Wosoba, Vosoba, Vasoba. There were: Baranie (Beranek), Francis, page # in original census #399, in Oxford Twp.; Carter, John #441 in Wyoming Twp.; Carter, John #400 in Oxford Twp.; Carter, Joshua #539 in Richland Twp.; Carter, Miles #407 and Carter, Samuel #410 and Carter, William #411 in Oxford Twp.; Dostall, Joseph #401 in Oxf. Twp.; Powelka, Geo. #400 in Oxf. Twp.; Lathrop, Geo. #409 & 410, Oxf. Twp.; Courtwright, Abram #410 in Oxf. Twp.; Courtwright, Anthony #410 in Oxf. Twp.; and Beck, Winsel #406 in Oxf. Twp. Divoky and Lejsek/Lasack are in this census, Oxf. Twp.

1860 State Agricultural, IA, Jones Co., Oxford Twp. – 80 farmers were counted and asked acres of improved and unimproved land, cash value of the farm, value of the implements and machinery, numbers of each livestock type, value of the livestock, bushels of grain types, etc. in 48 columns. Wregie Mem. Lib’y in O.Jct. has a copy of the microfilmed census (very hard to read) and a list of the names.

1870 Fed., IA, Jones Co., Oxford Twp. – Some entries, by household number:     1/1 Shimerda, A. (& family?) and Dewauke (Divoky), John; 13/14 Chalupka, Frank & family; 14/15 Chalupka, John & family; 22/23 Wosseba (Wosoba), Mike & Anna & family; 23 or 24 Pegaric (Pegorick, in Czech Pekarek), John & fam.; 25 Elick (Jilek); 26/27 Beranek, Frank & fam.; 29/32 Korble (Korbel), Jacob & fam.; 30/33 Korble (Korbel), John & fam.; 32/35 Sacora, W. & fam.; 57/60 Powelka (Pavelka), Antoine (Anton) & fam.; 63/66 Powelka (Pavelka), Wentzel & fam.; 64/69 W…… (Vozenilek), John & fam.; 66/71 Powelka (Pavelka), Joseph & fam.; 69 Ruley, Wint…. and fam.; 73/81 Wassaba (Wosoba), Mike & Barbara & fam.; 77/83 Prokop, Frank & fam.; 75/80 Wassaba (Wosoba), John & fam.; 81/87 Powlista (Pavlista/Powlishta), Frank & fam.; 82/88 Lasack, Frank & fam.; 83 Kostachek (Kostichek/Kostecka); 89/96 Carter, Ira & wife & “servants”; 89/96 Waseca (Wosoba), John at Carter’s; 95/102 Burdy (Burda), Joseph & fam.?; 100/108 Shedeck, Frank & fam.; 106/114 Hodgden, Alonzo & Lorenzo & mother & 1/2 sister; 112/120 Cave, Hiram & fam.; 118/126 Wacsaba (Wosoba), Frank; 121/129 Prokup (Prokop), Wentzel & fam.; 122 Dewauke (Divoky), Frank & fam.; 126/134 Luke, Vincent & fam.; 136 Coon, W. J. & fam.; 146 Stepanek, Frank & wife; 147 Stepanek, Joseph & fam.; 152/162 Lathrop; 156/166 McLeod, Geo. & fam.; 161/171 McLeod, John & fam.; 170/180 McClure, Jane & children; 172/182 Leslie, William & fam.; 178/188 Graham, W. & fam.; 182 Coon; 183 Coon, Samuel & fam.; 185 Woodraska (sp?), Albert & fam.

Hale Twp.; 9/9 Murray, Thomas & fam.; 80/82 Austin, Thomas & fam.; 83/88 Batchellor, Ira & fam.

Wyoming Twp.: 66/68 Murray, Patrick & fam.; 274 Wassaba (Wosoba), Joseph & fam.; 307 Dushanic (Dusanek), Frank & fam.

Sharon Twp. of Clinton Co.: a Current and a Carter.

Spring Rock Twp. of Clinton Co.: 99 Mulvihill & Mulvahill.

Monmouth Twp. of Jackson Co.: 74/74 Hoddawal (Hodoval), Frank & fam.; 77 Benhart, Thomas & fam.

South Fork Twp. of Jackson Co.: 81/82 Murray, George & fam.

1870 State Agricultural, IA, Jones Co., Oxford Twp. – See description of 1860. Numbers of livestock, etc. are as of June 1, ’70. Column 52 is the farmer’s total worth. Included: Wosoba, Mike; Chaloupka, Fran. & John; Pegarick (Pegorick), John; Ellick (Jilek), Frank?; Korble (Korbel), John & Jacob; Schwab, Martin; Pegorick, Frank; Dostal?, Anna; Powelka (Pavelka), Jos.; Prokup (Prokop), Frank; Powlista (Pavlista/Powlishta), Frank; Ruly (Ruley), Wintzel; Lasack, Frank; Wossaba (Wosoba), John; Kostestcha (Kostecka/Kostichek), Frank; Polista (Pavlista), Joseph; Wosoba?, Fr.; Coon, S. J.; Courtwright, A.; Leffingwell, S? M?; Zeller, Wentzel; Lathrop, Milo; Lathrop, Geo.; Coon, Samuel.

1880 State Agricultural, IA, Jones Co., Oxford Twp. – A same or similar accounting of the farmers’ possessions. Some of the surnames: Shimerda, Quirk, Zeller, Clapp, Coon, Sacora, Beranek, Schwab, Nowachek, Wosoba, Kosticka (Kostichek), Yelick (Jilek), Zamastil, Luke, Blizek, Balichek, Shedeck, Divoky, Mizaur, Werchota (Vrchota), Wozenilek (Vozenilek), Powlishta (Pavlista), Benischek, Lasak (Lasack), Rogers, Hodgden.

Hale Twp.: McClure, McLeod, Shedeck, Dozark (Dvorak).

Wyoming Twp.: Dolezal, Nowachek, Kostichek, Sacora, Dusanek, Chaloupka.

1880 Federal, IA, Jones Co., Oxford Twp., Oxford Junction & Oxford Mills – Too many in the township and in my notes to include here. This census is easily found in genealogical and historical society libraries, and on the internet. Bear in mind that the census takers didn’t always spell names correctly, sometimes a surname was misspelled by the community and the newspapers (as in Dvorak often seen as Dozark and Jilek seen as Eleck). When you read census that has been transcribed by others and/or online, the data is subject to error by their process. Whenever possible, read the original census yourself on microfilm from which copies can be made.

1885 & 1895 State, IA, Jones Co. – Important census because the 1890 Federal census was destroyed by fire. By 1885 some of the former Oxford Twp. people had moved to surroundings townships, to Nebraska and South Dakota which they could reach by train and where they could purchase land at low rates, and to various destinations. End.