Cadastral (town plat) from 1839 w/JN’s notes & cadastral color key Wregie Memorial Library
Cadastral (town plat) from 1908, seperate and in back of the booklet of photos of houses. Wregie  Dzb. file
Citizenship papers of Joseph Dolezal & son Frank from Dzb. who came to OJ, typical forms Wregie  Dzb. file
Description of the town and area, by JN.  Same as candy DZBANOV on website*** Wregie  Dzb. file
Doll that Vozenilek brought from Vysoke Myto area to O.J. O.J. Heritage Museum
Emigrant families from Dzb. to O.J., 19 documents on 20 families Wregie  Dzb. file
Genealogists of Dzb. lineage, list of them w/addresses & surnames searched Wregie  Dzb. file
Jug (dzbanov in Czech), made near Dzb. and with the Dzb. crest, 21st century Wregie
Maps of Dzb. area:  1720, late 1880s, and modern Wregie  Dzb. file
Maps of Vysoke Myto area in small booklet or folder Wregie  Dzb. file
Oxford twp. plat from 1877 with highlighted landowners who had emigrated from Dzb.  Wregie  Dzb. file
Passport of Joseph Dolezal from Dzb. who came to O.J., example of typical Wregie  Dzb. file
People who emigrated from Dzb. to O.J.  see Emigrant
Photography, aerial, DVD “Vas Domov” of Usti nad Orlici area, includes Vys.Myto, but not? Dzb. Wregie
Photography, aerial, DVD & 4 CDs, includes many of Dzb.  Details are in Dzb. file. Wregie
Photos of Dzb. in 2001:  town hall, town sign, two of hse #70 (Balichek in 19th century) Wregie  Dzb. file
Photos of houses, etc. from early 1900s & a 1908 Cadastral (town plat) in back of this booklet Wregie  Dzb. file
Photos of Knirov church incl. 2 of interior.  4 of interior & exteriors can be e-mailed from JN. Wregie  Dzb. file
Photos of n.e. Oxford Twp. where many from Dzb. farmed in the 19th century, some in 20th & 21st Wregie  Dzb. file
Photos on postcard, includes town hall, WWI Memorial, hse #78 & 2 street scenes Wregie  Dzb. file
Photos, various houses, etc. in area, taken in 2005, includes Knirov church (just nw of Dzb.) Wregie, in small box
Researchers for hire in east Bohemia, their names, addresses, rates. Wregie  Dzb. file
Residents of Dzb.: names & hse #s, various times, all sources except the village chronicle Wregie  Dzb. file
Trip Notes. JN’s notes from Sept. 2005 visit to Dzbanov. Wregie  Dzb. file
Trunk that Beranek brought from Dzb. to O.J., painted w”Dzbanov” & “Beranek” on front O.J. Heritage Museum
Village chronicle, prepared in 1940 from several sources w/JN’s notes & Z.C.’s translations Wregie
Village chronicle’s personal names, extracted & alphabetized, in back of chronicle Wregie
Vysoke Myto, hardcover book about the town and the area, w/JN’s notes Wregie

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JN = Judy Nelson,      ZC = Zdenka Cermakova in Dzbanov
This list was made in Dec. 2005 & might not be updated.  Additional items re:  Dzbanov u Vysoke Myto will be in Wregie or ask JN.