John Bryan — His Life, His Land, His Town — Oxford Junction, Iowa is a new (2013) book on the history of the town.  It includes info on migration within the USA, life in Iowa in the 19th century, regionalist artists, Bryan, Coon, Walston genealogies, as well as the start of the town and its history.   Hardcopies and DVDs are available in Oxford Jct.’s museum (see Iowa links), or e-mailed a chapter at a time from  Donation requested which benefits the museum and Nelson’s printing costs.  $22 for a hardcopy (plus postage if mailed) and $8 for a DVD which includes 14 other documents and photos re:  history of that place.  It’s an easy read — get yourself a copy and save it for your grandkids.


Bryan’s 3rd home, built by 1867 in O.Jct., sketch on the 1867 plat of Jones County.