TAG (Trebon Area Genealogist)

Trebon is a city in South Bohemia, Czech Republic.  From the villages surrounding Trebon many emigrants went to America in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  The emigrants’ descendants who are genealogists research their ancestors’ lives.  140+- of those genealogists are associated through the informal association “TAG” for sharing information, photos, etc. Diana Osborn writes a quarterly newsletter for TAG in which research aids and other info is offered.  Networking and translation assistance is available.  Special projects have been organized such as an assisted research tour to the Trebon area and the hiring of a photographer for house, church, and gravestone photos around Trebon.  Several TAG have contributed to our resources including but not limited to the many photos taken in South Bohemia.   SMALL TOWNS website at http://www.oxfordjctgenealogy.com  is a source and repository for TAG.  No fees are charged for any TAG service although Judy Nelson translates from German, Czech, and Latin to English at rates according to document length.  New TAG are welcomed as are your needs and wants for TAG activities.  Contact Osborn at geneo@traversingtrees.net    May 2022.