Villages of Origin:  Marriages Records from St. John Nepomucene Church, 1884-1900

by Diane K. McClure

St. John Nepomucene Church in the Bridgeport community of Chicago was founded in the fall of 1871.  The first mass was held on December 3, 1871 in the wooden church at 25th and Princeton.  In 1914, a new brick church was built at 30th and Lowe where it served the community until it was closed in 1990. Vital records of St. John’s have been filmed by the Family History library on microfilm no. 1711276 and include marriages from 1872 to 1916. Many villagers from the Trebon area were parishioners of St. John’s. This list of marriages covers the period from 1884 to 1900. Included are the parents of the bride and groom, date of marriage, and village of origin; witnesses are omitted. Those with Chicago as birthplace are not included except where one spouse had immigrated. Most of the villages are located south of Trebon. Suchdol nad Luznici is given here as “Suchdol.” Schwarzbach is now Tust; Nemecke Ohrazeni is Dvory nad Luznici.  Abbreviations: s/o = son of; d/o = daughter of.. Spelling variations occur in the names and villages and most records are given in Latin. Brides having a name in parenthesis indicate their birth name and second marriage. Abstractor’s notes are in brackets.


– Tomas Kotrba of Rabschach [Rapsach], s/o Josef Kotrba and Marie Srnec, and Marie (Kropik) Koranda of Schwarzbach, d/o Tomas Kropik and Catharina Havel, May 20.

– Jacub Kucera of Cernovec, s/o Francis Kucera and Catharina Jirek, and Maria Cada of Cep, d/o Mathai Cada and Maria Smetana, June 9.

– Carol Sejnoha of Hradec, s/o Jacob Sejnoha and Catharina Spaninger, and Marie Blaha of Modra Hurka, d/o Frantisek Blaha and Elizabetha Vejde, July 6.

– Venceslaus Koranda of Schwarzbach, s/o Frantisek Koranda and Theresie Dospeve?, and Anna Vrchota of Suchdol, d/o Vit Vrchota and Anna Mickl,  July 14.  [was Kozanda, Wenceslaus/Vaclav b. 1858 at Tust 37. His mother was born Duspiva.  The bride’s mother was Mikl of Suchdol nad Luz.]

– Mate Harazim of Bor, s/o Lucas Harazim and Marie Pesek, and Antonia Mrazek of Andrazov, d/o Francis Mrazek and Anna Hanus, August 10.

– Bartolomej Cap of Suchdol, s/o Frantisek Cap and Terezie Florian, and Anna Bicek of Hrdlorezy, d/o Jan Bicek and Catharina Havel, September 14.

– Mathia Cap of Suchdol, s/o Frantisek Cap and Terezie Florian, and Anna Nemec of Cep, d/o Albert Nemec and Catharina Kamba, October 26.

–  Jan Vyhanek of Domanin, s/o Frantisek Vyhnanek and Marie Vavrina, and Marie David of Trebon, d/o Jacob David and Elizabeth Benda, November 16.


– Jan Tikalsky of Cep, s/o Theresie Tikalsky, and Anna Koranda of Schwarzbach, d/o Jan Koranda and Marie Kropik, February 1.

– Albert Hana of Kramolin, s/o Albert Hana and Marie Hlavac, and Anna Kotil of Suchdol, d/o Josef Kotil and Anna Benda, February 8.

– Frantisek Ouska of Domanin, s/o Martin Ouska and Marie Tuma, and Maria (Vrchota) Nemec of Lipnice, d/o Mathie Vrchota and Marie Stupka, April 28.

– Francis Harazim of Bor, s/o Josef Harazim and Theresia Blizek, and Elizabeth Strnad of Pocinovic, d/o Mathia Strnad and Anna Svejda, May 31.

– Martin Mojzis of Branna, s/o Mathia Mojzis and Marie Rezabek, and Marie Koranda of Schwarzbach, d/o Jan Koranda and Marie Kropik, June 28.

– Frantisek Mlnarik of Kojanovice, s/o Laurenti Mlnarik and Marie Kojan, and Anna Crhan of Vitin, d/o Frantisek Crhan and Anna Vancura, July 12.

– Josef Vesely of Trebon, s/o Venceslaus Vesely and Anna Jelinek, and Marie Pliml of Dobriva, d/o Anton Pleml and Barbara Sedlak, August 16.

– Carol Vojta of Majdalena, s/o Jan Vojta and Rosalia Hajic, and Marie Zakostelsky of Lipnice, s/o Venceslaus Zakostelsky and Marie Fikota, November 1.

– Jan Bumba of Suchdol, s/o Mathia Bumba and Rosalia Cap, and Marie Bily of Suchdol, d/o Jacob Bily and Anna Homolka, November 15.


– Jan Joch of Suchdol, s/o Laurenti Joch and Marie Kocina, and Anna Cadek of Suchdol, d/o Jan Cadek and Anna Hamernik, May 9.

– Josef Kahoun of Branna, s/o Bartolomej Kahoun and Marie Mejdrych, and Elizabeth Trochlil of Chicago, d/o Venceslaus Trochlil & Anna Kandera, May 16.

– Jan Kropik of Schwarzbach, s/o Thomas Kropik and Catharina Havel, and Anna Mladek of Chicago, d/o Josef Mladek and Anna Hadec, May 23.

– Jan Kadlec of Veseli, s/o Venceslaus Kadlec and Mar. Macek, and Terezie Drabek of Mladosovice, d/o Francis Drabek and Terezie Sima, September 19.

– Francis Moulis of Kremze, s/o Josef Moulis and Rosalie Kovar, and Marie Sery of Sevetin, d/o Francis Sery and Catharina Hajny, November 21.


–  Josef Kotil of Bor, s/o Matej Kotil and Terezie Soudek, and Catharina Tisler, [no village given], d/o Jan and Catharina Tisler, 8 February 8.

– Frantisek Dub of Hostic, s/o Frantisek Dub and Marie Potuznik, and Anna Sery of Sevetin, d/o Venceslaus Sery and Marie Jirak, May 22.

– Jacob Mickel of Suchdol, s/o Mathai Michel and Elizabeth Homolka, and Marie Novak of Loucima, d/o Georg Novak and Anna Strnad, June 19.

– Jan Mickel of Suchdol, s/o Venceslaus Mickel and Catharina Zemanek, and Marie Marvan of Marsovice, d/o Josef Marvan and Maria Novak, August 28.

– Laurent Kubes of Nemecke Ohrazeni, s/o Josef Kubes and Maria Cahak, and Marie Crouse of Chicago, d/o Jan Crouse & Theresiz Filas [Fiala?], October 30.


– Jacob Mikl of Suchdol, s/o Jacob Mikl and Barbora Benda, and Marie Misek of Mazalov, d/o Francis Misek and Catharina Roubek, January 29.

– Josef Slajchert of Msed-Zarovec, s/o Wenceslaus Slajchert and Marie Malova, and Rosalie Ouska of Spoli, d/o Josef Ouska and Rosalia Zalud, April 15.

– Frantisek Kubes of Nemecke Ohrazeni, s/o Josef Kubes and Marie Cahak, and Anna Kotil of Chicago, d/o Adalbert Kotil and Rosalie Cada, June 25.

– Jan Jilek of Trebon, s/o Venceslaus Jilek and Marie Misek, and Frances Bresinger of Salzberg, Austria, d/o Joanne Bresinger and Mar. Bach, September 2.

– Francis Cisar of Ohrazeni, s/o Tomas Cisar and Petrona Polak, and Barbora Polanka of Trebon, d/o Johan Polanka and Catharina Uhlir, November 11.

– Francis Tampir of Nove Hrady, s/o Joannis Tampir and Elizabeth Vochoska, and Marie Koranda of Cep, d/o Josef Koranda & Anna Vojta, November 25.

– Jan Repa of Vlutova, s/o Jacob Repa and Frances Burda, and Marie Kasander of Suchdol, d/o Mathya Kasander and Marie Jindra, November 25.

– Albert Kasander of Suchdol, s/o Mathia Kasander and Marie Jindra, and Elizabeth Krska of Chicago, d/o Mathya Krska and Marie Linhart, November 25.


– Josef Harazim of Cep, s/o Lucas Harazim and Marie Pesek, and Marie Pelikan of Chlum, d/o Carol Pelikan and Marie Becvar, January 19.

– Jan Vyskocil of Jehnicke?, s/o Anna Vyskocil, and Elizabeth Bilek of Cep, d/o Mathya Bilek and Rosalie Kuthian?, February 3.

– Josef Jirak of Drahotesice, s/o Venceslaus Jirak and Barbora Ziska, and Marie Havel of Neplachovice, d/o Thoma Havel and Marie Struck, May 26.

– Josef Dusak of Jednot?, s/o Francis Dusak and Marie Dusak, and Marie Vrchota of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., June 3.

– Francis Cadek of Suchdol, s/o Jan Cadek and Anna Hamernik, and Anna Jindra of Kolna, d/o Francis Jindra and Catharina Tesar, September 1.


– Mathya Koranda of Stara Hlina, s/o Jan Koranda and Marie Korbel, and Marie Fischer of Petrovice, d/o Josef Fischer and Marie Ozbanek?, January 5.

– Francis Kuzel of Majdalena, s/o Venceslaus Kuzel and Anna Kouba, and Marie Florian of Suchdol, d/o Jan Florian and Therezie Jindra, February 2.

– Jan Prochaska of Hrachoviste, d/o Jan Prochaska and Catharina Vyzral, and Anna Slama of Frysava, d/o Fillippi Slama and Anna Bohac, May 5.

– Jan Kahoun of Branna, s/o Bartolomej Kahoun and Rosalie Mejdrych, and Anna (Pec) Cap of  Jemniste?, d/o Anton Pec and Rosalie Cerny, May 18.

– Jan Brezina of Suchdol, s/o Mathya Brezina and Marie Mikl, and Catharina Candra of Suchdol, d/o Adalbert Candra and Eva Nemec, May 25.

– Bartholomew Fiala of Cep, s/o Vit Fiala and Anna Malovec, and Anna Krejci of Kladruby?, d/o Jan Krejci and Marie Krumlovsky, June 15.

– Jan Kotrba of Rapsach, s/o Thoma Kotrba and Catharina Kropik, and Marie Popelar of Branna, d/o Frantisek Popelar and Rosalia Bastyr, June 30.

– Jan Florian of Suchdol, s/o Mathya Florian and Rosalie Nestaval, and Barbora Cadek of Suchdol, d/o Jan Cadek and Anna Hamernik, August 3.

– Mathya Zaruba of Bor, s/o Mathei Zaruba and Marie Krejcha, and Barbora Lajpert of Mladotice, d/o Venceslaus Lajpert and Marie Fricek, November 16.       (They went to Oxford Jct. IA in 1890)


– Jacob Dusak of Trebon, s/o Frantisek Dusak and Marie Dusak, and Frances Bartik of Sobesice, d/o Tomas Bartik and Barbara Masek, January 15.

– Venceslaus Hrbek of Kolence, s/o Jan Hrbek and Marie Bronec, and Marie Sery of Sevetin, d/o Tomas Sery and Anna Masek, February 8.

– Vincent Brant of Sendrazice, s/o Vincent Brant and Marie Prochaska, and Marie Stanek of Suchdol, d/o Thoma Stanek and Theresie Cap, March 30.

– Jan Mladek of Chicago, s/o Josef Mladek and Anna Hadec, and Marie Zemanek of Suchdol, d/o Jacob Zemanek and Catharina Cap, May 3.

– Jacob Kahoun of Hurka, s/o Francis Kahoun and Anna Dedic, and Johanna Kopriva of Schwarzbach, d/o Jacob Kopriva and Theresia Sandl, May 10.

– Jan Havel of Vitin, s/o Francis Havel and Catharina Opalicky, and Justina Vosecky of Budejovice, d/o Francis Vosecky and Marie Stepan, May 17.

– Josef Vrchota of Branna, s/o Vit Vrchota and Marie Sterba, and Marie Mejdrech of Chicago, d/o Jan Mejdrech and Catharina Vrchota, May 18.

– Francis Stanek of Suchdol, s/o Jacob Stanek and Barbora Nestaval, and Catharina Sterba of Domanin, d/o Francis Sterba and Catharina Holba, May 24.

– Bartholomew Cap of Suchdol, s/o Francis Cap and Theresia Florian, and Anna Merounek of Hadonice, d/o Francis Merounek and Anna Cihak, May 31.

– Joseph Dvorak of Trebon, s/o Mathias Dvorak and Catharine Janousek, and Marie Pros of Beli, d/o Joseph Pros and Marie Urban, September 13.

– Jan Stanek of Hrdlorezy, s/o Jacob Stanek and Barbora Nestaval, and Frances Brychl of Suchdol, d/o Adalbert Brychl and Rosalia Vrchota, September 27.

– Adolph Hunel [Honel] of Ceska Trebova , s/o Emanuel Hunel and Barbora Hunel, and Rosa Dusek of Chicago, d/o Lukas Dusek and Catharina Blizek, September 27.

– Mathew Kalapza of Liskov, s/o Jan Kalapza and Barbora Cech, and Maria Vesely of Trebon, d/o Adalbert Vesely and Mariet Dusak, October 18.

– Wenceslaus Marvan of Rehovice, s/o Josef Marvan and Marie Novak, and Rosalia Brezina of Suchdol, d/o Mathei Brezina and Marie Mikula?, October 1891.

– Francis Joch of Hrdlorezy, s/o Anton Joch and Marie Soudek, and Anna Bicek of Hrdlorezy, d/o Jacob Bicek and Marie Simek, October 25.

– Venceslaus Sebesta of Sevetin, s/o Jacob Sebesta and Elizabeth Vancura, and Catharina Mares of Chicago, d/o Jan Mares and Catharina Mejdrech, November 9.


– Lucas Florian of Suchdol, s/o Mathye Florian and Rosalie Soudek, and Anna Pavlicek of Doloporici, d/o Francis Pavlicek and Anna Trejbal, January 10.

– Jan Sery of Sevetin, s/o Frantisek Sery and Catharina Ruta, and Catharina Sery of Sevetin, d/o Wenceslaus Sery and Marie Jirak, 25 February 25.

– Mathia Kojan of Branna, s/o Jan Kojan and Marie Holicky, and Marie Vavra of Cep, d/o Jan Vavra and Marie Svec, April 24.

– Vit Dedina of Bor, s/o Jan Dedina and Catharina Klima, and Marie Prusa of Probulov, d/o Mathia Prusa and Anna Pazdernik, May 23.

– Joanne Vlazny of Drahotesice, s/o Josef Vlazny and Marie Samacek, and Catharina Broucek of Chicago, d/o Josef Broucek and Anna Trs, May 30.

– Jakub Simousek of Bor, s/o Mathya Simousek and Catherina Dusek, and Marie Satava of Belcice, d/o Jan Satava and Maria Kubat, July 27.

– Martin Prochaska of Planice, s/o Josef prochaska and Christina Vlacha, and Katerina Simousek of Chicago, d/o of Nicolas Simousek and Anna Dusek, September 11.

– Anton Joch of Suchdol, s/o Mathia Joch and Anna Kuranda, and Teresia Parizek of Borovany, d/o Carol Parizek and Marie Bakalei, November 6.


– Carol Havlicek of Kozlov, s/o Joanne Havlicek and Karolina Krejzlik, and Anna Kopriva of Hrdlorezy, d/o Mathia Kropriva and Catharina Sazma, January 8.

– Albert Jana of Branna, s/o Joanne Jana and Barbora Klabouch, and Marie Moudry of Chicago, d/o Adalbert Moudry and Josephina Lusk, January 15.

– Venceslaus Koranda of Stara Hlina, s/o Joanne Koranda and Marie Korbel, and Marie Vancura of Perstat, d/o Martin Vancura and Terezia Jerevnies?, January 22.

– Francis Dvorak of Cep, s/o Mathia Dvorak and Marie Krejcha, and Catharina Vosika of Luznice, d/o Thoma Vosicka and Marie Klecky, January 29.

– Jan Kotil of Chicago, s/o Josef Kotil and Anna Benda, and Rosalie Burda of Bor, d/o Mathya Burda and Catharina Divoky, February 12.

– Joanne Mlynek of Preseka, s/o Adalbert Mlynek and Marie Fried, and Antonia Jedlicka of Pololi, d/o Adalbert Jedlicka and Marie Soukup, April 29.

– Francis Blaha of Julienheim, s/o Francis Blaha and Catharina Sazma, and Terezia Bily of Suchdol, d/o Jacob Bily and Anna Homolka, May 14.

– Carroll Mentor of St. Joe Co. Michigan, s/o Francis Mentor and Susanne Taplin, and Anna Koranda of Cep, d/o Francis Koranda and Terezia Kamba, June 29.

– Francis Martinek of Chrudim, s/o Jan Martinek and Anna Kazda, and Marie Otcenasek of Chicago, d/o Francis Otcenasek and Rosalie Sazma, July 10.

– Josef Petrasek of Petrovice, s/o Josef Petrasek and Marie Emmer?, and Elizabeth Jindra of Sevetin, d/o Francis Jindra and Catharina Tesar, August 6.

– Jan Zemanek of Suchdol, s/o Jacob Zemanek and Catharina Cap, and Catharina Berny of Chicago, d/o Joanne Berny and Rosalia Havelka, August 13.

– Mathia Mojzis of Branna, s/o Jacob Mojzis and Anna Smolek, and Catharina Blaha of Slavosovice, d/o Francis Blaha and Catherina Herda, October 8.

– Carol Simek of Nova Hlina, s/o Venceslaus Simek and Therezia Kostecke, and Marie Jiracek of Branna, d/o Thoma Jiracek and Anna Stefl?, October 29.


– Joanne Kahoun of Chicago, s/o Francis Kahoun and Anna Dedic, and Barbora Kotnour of Zablati, d/o Adalbert Kotnour and Marie Vondraska, January 7.

– Jan Hrbek of Kolence, s/o Jan Hrbek and Marie Bronec, and Marie Sery Hrbek of Sevetin, d/o Thomas Sery and Anna Masek, January 8.

– George Mayer of Neustadt Haag, Bavaria, s/o Valentine Mayer and Louisa Kobel, and Marie Hamernik Poslednik of Kremze, d/o Adalbert Hamernik and Rosina Nemec, January 21.

– Albert Vlazny of Vlkov, s/o Jan Vlazny and Marie Vones, and Elizabeth Sery of Sevetin, d/o Francis Sery and Catherina Ruta, February 4.

– Frantisek Martinek of Chrudim, s/o Jan Martinek and Anna Kazda, and Marie Simousek of Bor, d/o Mathya Simousek and Catharine Dusek, June 17.

– Jan Jana of Branna, s/o Adalbert Jana and Marie Zemanek, and Marie (Dedic) Rebit of Hurky, d/o Adalbert Dedic and Catharina Papek, September 4.

– Francis Popelar of Bor, s/o Josef Popelar and Marie Tetour, and Josephina Jakes of Zihnice, d/o Mathya Jakes and Marie Barta, October 7.

– Francis Styx of Rapsach, s/o Francis Styx and Marie Havela, and Rosalia Koranda of Cep, d/o Josef Koranda and Anna Vojta, October 28.

– Adalbert Blaha of Drahotesice, s/o Francis Blaha and Eliz. Vejda, and Marie Bennisek of Chicago, d/o Jan Benisek and Anna Spanninger, November 4.

– Venceslaus Sejnoha of Hradec, s/o Jacob Sejnoha and Catharine Spanninger, and Marie Tischler of [born] Atlantic Ocean, d/o Thomas Tischler and Paulina Krska, November 4.

– Josef Strnad of Lbosin?, s/o Francis Strnad and Catharina Nerad, and Rosalia of Luznice, d/o Thomas Vosika and Marie Benda, November 15.

– Jan Smolka of Nepomuk s/o Florian Smolka and Francisca Satek, and Marie Cadek of Suchdol, d/o Jan Cadek and Anna Hammernik, November 25.


– Venceslaus Pruka of Domanin, s/o Francis Pruka and Rosalia Matejacek, and Anna Pros of Caslova, d/o Josef Pros and Marie Koubsky,20 January.

– Jan Pelikan of Chlum, s/o Caroll Pelikan and Marie Becvar, and Marie Popelar of Bor, d/o Mathya Popelar and Anna Harazim, May 29.

– Jan Kovarik of Vitin, s/o Martin Kovarik and Marie Rezek, and Marie Sery of Sevetin, d/o Venceslaus Sery and Maria Adamek, June 16.

– Josef Kubes of Nem. Ohrazani, s/o Josef Kubes and Marie Cahak, and Julia Krejci of Chicago, d/o Jan Krejci and Marie Krumlovsky, August 7.

– Ignat Satava of Koupe?, s/o Jan Satava and Marie Kubat, and Anna Fuxa of Domanin, d/o Thomas Fuxa and Elizab. Salaba, August 11.

– Josef Smetana of Suchdol, s/o Jan Smetana and Catharina Tikalsky, and Anna Sima of Plzen, d/o Francis Sima and Anna Mulac, September 4.

– Jan Reed of Chicago, s/o Jan Reed and Alzbeta Viduna, and Katharina Popelar of Bor, d/o Josef Popelar and Marie Tetour, September 4.

– Francis Harazim of Bor, s/o Josef Harazim and Therezia Blizek, and Marie Veselak of Posinovice, d/o Mathia Veselak and Anna Faul, October 20.


– Jan Mares of Cep, s/o Martin Mares and Anna Maxa, and Theresia Bumba of Suchdol, d/o Mathai Bumba and Rosalia Cap, February 2.

– Jan Chad of Suchdol, s/o Jacob Chad and Marie Cadek, and Marie Kandera of Suchdol, d/o Jan Kandera and Rosalia Zahradnik, April 26.

– Thomas Beranek of Udrazi, s/o Thomas Beranek and Anna Holub?, and Marie Havel of Suchdol, d/o Jiri Havel and Rosalia Joch, May 10.

– Josef Pinc of Trebon, s/o Frantisek Pinc and Genoph Novotny, and Marie Vones of Chicago, d/o Frantisek Vones and Catharina Fritz, May 24.

– Venceslaus Hlavac of Bodedice, s/o Thomas Hlavac and Krist. Mautvic, and Catharina Havel of Neplachov, d/o Thomas Havel and Marie Struska, May 31.

– Thomas Hamernik of Kremze, s/o Adalbert Hamernik and Rosina (Nemec) Meisinger, and Antonia Vrba of Lhota, d/o Josef Vrba and Marie Hrbek, October 10.

– Carol Uhlir of Lhota, s/o Carol Uhlir and Anna Marik, and Rosalie Bicek of Hrdlorezy, d/o Jakub Bicek and Marie Simek, November 15.

– Jan Vones of Drahotice, s/o Anton Vones and Anna Lexa, and Marie Ruska of Hrdlorezy, d/o Frantisek Ruska and Catharina Dedina, November 25.

– Adalbert Jana of Branna, s/o Jan Jana and Barbara Klabouch, and Elizabeth Bartuska of Chicago, d/o Mathia Bartuska and Marie Gatt, November 25.


– Anton Herman of Suchdol, s/o Josef Herman and Marie Koranda, and Rosalia Joch of Suchdol, d/o Laurent Joch and Marie Florian, February 1.

– Frantisek Kahoun of Branna, s/o Frantisek Kahoun and Anna Dedic, and Anna Kandera of Suchdol, d/o Jan Kandera and Rosalie Homolka, May 3.

– Thomas Jana of Branna, s/o Jan Jana and Barbora Klabouch, and Catharina (Stastny) Havlicek of Volenice, d/o Mathia Stastny and Anna Repek, May 30.

– Frantisek Bicek of Hrdlorezy, s/o Jakub Bicek and Marie Simek, and Julia Schwarzinger of Vitoraz, N. Oest, d/o Carol Schwartzinger and Catharina Vacek, June 21.

– Frantisek Vojta of Cep, s/o Mathya Vojta and Marie Pekar, and Marie Bares of Tunoch?, d/o Frantisek Bares and Marie Bouma, June 21.

– Venceslaus Najdr of Stara Hlina, s/o Venceslaus Najdr and Alzbeta Rynes, and Catherina Joch of Suchdol, d/o Mathia Joch and Anna Koranda, August 1.


– Carol Hanus of Domanin, s/o Ignat Hanus and Marie Vratny, and Marie Jirak of Chicago, d/o Thomas Jirak and Marie Blizek, April 24.

– Josef Florian of Mladosovice, s/o Adalbert Florian and Catharina Mlnarik, and Marie Crhan, of Vitin, d/o Frantisek Crhan and Marie Vancura, May 1.

– Jan Zeman of Chicago, s/o Frantisek Zeman and Marie Styx, and Marie Koranda of Vitin, d/o Mathie Koranda and Catharina Vlk, May 14.

– Venceslaus Jindra of Suchdol, s/o Martin Jindra and Marie Vrchota, and Marie Novak of Nemecky, d/o Bartolomej Novak and Catharina Nestaval, September 20.

– Josef Mejdrych of Branna , s/o Adalbert Mejdrych and Catharina Skolka, and Rosalia Havel of Suchdol, d/o Jiri Havel and Rosalia Koranda, November 23.


– Carol Pobuda of Oujezdec, s/o Josef Pobuda and Josephina Hranicek, and Josephina Brejcha of Suchdol, d/o Adalbert Brejcha and Rosalie Kandera, February 5.

– Edward Simousek of Chicago, s/o Nicolas Simousek and Anna Dusek, and Rosalia Kotil of Bor, d/o Bartolomej Kotil and Catharina Cisar, June 25.

– Francis Kahoun of Branna, s/o Bartolomej Kahoun and Rosalia Mejdrich, and Anna Mejdrich of Chicago, d/o Jan Mejdrich & Catharina Mejdrich, June 26.

– Josef Vancura of Vitin, s/o Josef Vancura and Anna Voda, and Marie Mlnarik of Chicago, d/o Frantisek Mlnarik and Anna Kojan, September 13.

– Venceslas Vohanka of Dobrovitov, s/o Jan Vohanka and Barbora Nemec, and Marie Dragoun of Trebon, d/o Josef Dragoun and Marie Holba, October 9.

– Thomas Smith of Chicago, s/o Michael Smith and Brigitte Floud, and Rosalia Simousek of Bor, d/o Mathei Simousek and Catharina Dusek, October 21.

– Jan Mojzis of Branna, s/o Mathie Mojzis and Marie Rezab, and Anna Vavra of Cep, d/o Jan Vavra and Marie Svec, November 7.


– Francis Drabek of Domanin, s/o Josef Drabek and Anna Sterba, and Josefa (Ryant) Vancata of Vesce, d/o Francis Ryant and Frances Vavra, April 23.

– Mathia Pesek of Frahels, s/o Francis Pesek and Marie Kocanda, and Therezia Koranda of Schwarzbach, L. Austria, d/o Jan Koranda and Marie Kropik, April 24.