Wyoming High School Alumni Banquet

We had a good time with 49 grads and guests on May 29, 2021 at the alumni banquet in Wyoming IA.    No future banquet is planned but if you want to organize one, contact JudyNelson08@gmail.com for alumni’s contact info and other alumni materials, or contact the Wyoming Historical Museum, Wyoming IA 52362 where they also have the list of living grads with contact info, etc.  1960 was the last class from Wyoming High due to a consolidation and re-naming (Midland Community Schools) that fall.  Therefore our numbers are shrinking and will continue to do so.

Photos of the 2015 banquet on this website are under main page Gallery, subpage Wyoming.  I have 7 photos from the 2021 banquet and 30 more from Jim Eichhorn’s camera.  If you are reading this you have internet service and an e mail address to ask for the pix.  JudyNelson08@gmail.com