The following are extractions from two companion books, the first A History of Czechs (Bohemians) in Nebraska, compiled by Rose Rosicky and published by the Czech Historical Society of Nebraska in 1929. Rosicky used several sources to write about Czech emigrants of the 19th century, including the records of her father John Rosicky, historian and publisher of the popular (Nebraska) Czech newspaper, Hospodar. The book begins with insightful introductions and continues with interesting stories of the pioneers’ (hard) lives, their names, years of arrival, their birthplaces, some birth and death dates, occupations, and photos of pioneers, houses, downtowns, churches, etc. Interlibrary loan service found this book at University of Florida Library.
 The second book, Nebraska, Kansas Czech Settlers, 1891-1895, compiled by Margie Sobotka, is based on the extensive data gathered by Frank Mares as he traveled Nebraska and part of Kansas. Mares’s data was published as articles in the Czech newspaper Hospodar in 1891-95. Some pioneers appear in both books. This second book includes township plats with landowners’ names, the specific address of a property, acres owned or rented and a surname index in addition to names, years of arrival, birthplaces, and more. Interlibrary loan service found this book at Liberal Memorial Library, Liberal, Kansas. 
I selected names of people whose birthplaces were in or near Trebon (in Jindrichuv Hradec county in South Bohemia), a few in that county and not near Trebon, a few near Trhove Sviny, some near Vysoke Myto, and certain villages near Rychnov nad Kneznou and Kostelec. The same village, Podrezov, was sometimes stated as near Rychnov and sometimes Kostelec.
Abbreviations used are:
a = acres (owned, unless rent stated)
N = the book, Nebraska, Kansas…
H = the book, A History of Czechs…
NE = Nebraska (assumed)
J Hr = Jindrichuv Hradec (county)
p = page in the book the data appears
Kr Hr = Kralove Hradec (county)
prec = precinct
KS = Kansas (if indicated)
s = section (as in section, twp, range)
Pioneer, b., res., NE/KS res, yr. arrived, occup. & land, source & notes:
Ambroz Fr. Jr. Slavosovice Trebon Madison,Madison p.ofc  160 a in s 27 Np111
Ambroz Fr. Sr. Slavosovice Trebon Madison,Madison p.ofc  160 a in s 27 Np111
Ambroz, Jak. Slavosovice Trebon Madison,Madison o.ofc  160 a in s 28 Np111
Bartos, Ant. Vamberk Kostelec, Kr Hr Saunders, Morse Bluff  dining hall Np154
Beck, Adolph Podrezov Kostelec Gage, Odell  320 a in s 7 Np11
Beck, Vaclav Podrezov  Saline, Wilber   Hp87,b.11Feb 1826, d. Wilber 10 Aug 1900
Beck, Vaclav Podrezov Kostelec, Kr Hr Saline, Wilber  320 a in s 31 Np25, and 240 a in s 36
Beck, Vojtech Podrezov Kostelec Gage, Odell  320 a in s 7 Np11
Bedlan, Jan Hrdlorezy Trebon Saline,Milligan  160 a in s 33 Np40
Bedlan, John Hrdlorezy Trebon Saline, Atlanta precinct early pion.  Hp90,
Bedlan, Martin Hrdlorezy Trebon Saline, Monroe prec. early pion.  Hp91
Bedlan, Martin Hrdlorezy Trebon Saline, Plato  160 a in s 31 Np29
Bedlan, Matej Hrdlorezy Trebon Saline, Tobias, town  retired Np41,owns 160 s27Atlanta&s6 North Fork (acres)
Bednar, M.F. Jindrich.Hradec  Colfax 1875  Hp154, b. 1847
Bednar, Mart. F. Pistina J Hr Colfax, Schuyler, town  county treasurer Np171
Bednar, Prokop Sr. Pistina J Hr Saline, Monroe prec early pion.  Hp91
Bednar, Vojtech Pistina J Hr Gage early settler  Hp229
Benda, Fr. Drahotesice Trebon Valley, Geranium  160 a in 20 Np121
Benda, Fr. Drahotesice Trebon Valley, Geranium  160 a in s 20 Np121
Benda, Fr. Sr. Drahotesice Trebon Valley, Geranium  160 a in s 20 Np121
Benda, Jan Drahotesice Trebon Valley, Geranium  160 a in s 20 Np120
Benda, Matej Hamry Trebon Marion, Lincolnville, KS  80 a in s 17 Np193
Blaha, Jakub Polste J Hr Saline,Brush Creek prec early pion.  Hp91
Bosak, V. Stejsak J Hr Saline,BrushCreek prec early pion.  Hp91
Brabce/Brabec, Jana Chlum Trebon Saline, Crete near  320 a in s 8 Np23, entry says “inherited”.
Burda, Jos. Bor Trebon Saline,North Fork prec early pion.  Hp92
Burda, Josef Bor Trebon Saline, Plato  120 a in s 3 Np38
Burda, Matej Bor Trebon Saline, Monroe prec early pion.  Hp91
Burda, Matej Bor Trebon Saline, Plato  320 a,s26,34,35 Np29
Cadek, Jan Trebon Trebon Box Butte, Lawn  320 a in s 20,21 Np96
Cadek, John Trebon  Box Butte 1885/86  Hp256
Caha, Joseph Hor.Vilimov Trebon Box Butte 1888  Hp256,came from Saunders Co., d. 1911 at 78.
Carda, Matej Hrdlorezy Trebon Clay, Spring Ranch 1874  Hp207
Carda, Matej Hrdlorezy Trebon Clay, Spring Branch  160 a in s 18 Np62, possibly Cada which was in Hrdlorezy.
Ceplecha, Jan Lomnice Trebon Valley, Sedlov  160 a in s 32,33 Np120
Cerny, Fr. Preseka Trebon Rawlins, Ludell, KS  160 a in s 24 Np191
Cerny, Jos. Preseka Trebon Rawlins, Blakeman, KS  160 a in s 9 Np191
Chab, Frank Polste J Hr Saline,BrushCreek prec early pion.  Hp91
Chab, John Polste J Hr Saline,BrushCreek prec early pion.  Hp90
Cihal, Frant. Trebon  Saline, Wilber  laborer in s 15 Np39
Danemark, Marie Trhove Sviny Budej. Decator, Kanona, KS  120 a in s 32 Np196
Divoky, Jan Sr. Hrdlorezy Trebon Saline, Plato  400 a in s 2,3,14 Np38
Divoky, John Sr. Hrdlorezy Trebon Saline, NorthFork prec early pion.  Hp92
Divoky, Tomas Hrdlorezy Trebon Saline, Monroe prec. early pion.  Hp91
Divoky, Tomas Hrdlorezy Trebon Saline, Plato  80 a in s 33 Np29
Dohnalek, Jan Dlouha Ves Rychnov, Kr Hr Stanton, Stanton  320 a in s 17,19 Np174
Dudek, Jan Dlouha Ves Rychnov, Kr Hr Franklin, near KS st.line  480 a in s 16 Np110
Dudek, John Dlouha Ves Rychnov Franklin byearly 90s  Hp278,living there in the early 1890s
Dudek, Jos. Dlouha Ves Rychnov Red Willow, McCook  480 a in s 32,29 Np115
Dudek, Josef Dlouha Ves Rychnov Red Willow,McCook 1878  Hp230, 1 of 1st 2 to settle near McCook.
Dusil, Eduard Podrezov Kostelec Saline, Big Blue prec. early pion.  Hp90
Dusil, Eduard Podrezov Kostelec, Kr Hr Saline, Wilber  80 a in s 30 Np25
Dusil, Frank Podrezov Kostelec Saline, 1869  Hp80,frm JonesCoIA, killed by runaway team 13 Jul 1873
Dusil, Frant. Podrezov Kr Hr Saline, Wilber  40 a in s 18 Np31
Dvorak, Ignac Pistina J Hr Butler, Brainerd  160 a in s 19,30 Np66
Dvorak, Ignac Sr. Pustinna J.Hr Butler 1877  Hp202
Dvorak, Jan Mlaka Trebon Madison, Madison  160 a in s  3 Np112
Dvorak, Jan F. Mlaka Trebon Madison, Madison  320 a in s 3 Np112
Dvorak, John Mlaka Trebon Madison 1878  Hp233,
Dvorak, Mary (m. Horsky) Dlouha Ves Rychnov Gage 1877  Hp228,her bro.J.J.D- in Cedar RpdsIA,she d.1906,Wilber
Faltys, John Libejice Vysoke Myto Colfax 1869  Hp145,d. 1895 at 44 (b. ca. 1851)
Fencl, Frank Vydriz J Hr Saline,BrushCreek prec early pion.  Hp90
Ficenec, Jan Lokoty Rychnov Saunders, Weston  160 a in s 26,36 Np151
Ficenec, Jiri Lokoty Rychnov Saunders, Weston  120 a in s 25,26 Np151
Fiser(Fisher), Joseph Petrovice Trebon Boyd 1890  Hp270, b. 1863
Franta, Fr. Stankov Trebon Marion, Lincolnville, KS  160 a in s 9 Np193
Franta, Jan Stankov Trebon Marion, Lincolnville, KS  160 a in s 7 Np193
Franta, Matej Stankov Trebon Marion, Lincolnville, KS  160 a in s 23 Np194
Franta, Vit Stankov Trebon Marion, Lincolnville, KS  160 a in s 9 Np193
Friouf, Jan Zbanov Vysoke Myto, Chrudim Saline, Wilber  80 a, s34&200a,s2* Np27,*&3,BrushCrk. Zbanov is prob’ly Dzbanov
Friouf, Jan Sr. Zbanov Vysoke Myto, Chrudim Saline, Wilber  Exch, s 34 Np27, exch= barter, partnership,wrk for rm & bd, etc.
Friouf, John Dzbanov Vysoke Myto Saline,PleasantHill prec early pion.  Hp93
Friouf, Josef Zbanov Vysoke Myto, Chrudim Saline, Wilber  120 a , s 36 Np28, & 40 a in s 2, Brush Creek.
Friouf, Vaclav Zbanov Vysoke Myto, Chrudim Saline, Wilber  120 a in s 36 Np28
Hamer, Sim. Rosec J Hr Hayes, Thornburgh  160 a in s 1 Np84
Hamrnik, Vaclav Suchdol Trebon Saline, Wilber, twn  architect Np34
Hanys, Jos. Lokoty Rychnov Saunders, Weston  80 a in s 6 Np152
Heider, Vavrin Vcelne Dvory Trebon Saline, Wilber  laborer in s 12 Np38
Herda, Mat. Slavosovice Trebon Madison, Madison  160 a in s 34 Np112
Horsky, Frant. Dlouha Ves Rychnov Gage, Odell  320 a in s 33 Np10
Hovorka, Mart. Hrdlorezy Trebon Marion, Lincolnville, KS  80 a in s 19 Np193
Humpal, Karel Oxford Junction Iowa Buffalo, Ravenna town  with the iron works Np125, iron works owned by Jos. Spevacek
Humpal, Vac. Oxford Junction Iowa Buffalo, Pleasanton  renting Np128
Jakubovsky, Matej Hamry Trebon Republic, Cuba KS  160 a in s 15 Np181
Janouch, Jakub Stejska J Hr Saline,BrushCreek prec early pion.  Hp91
Jindra, Vojt. Viciny Trebon Buffalo, Gibbon  80 a in s 34 Np127
Josifek, Josef Vamberk Rychnov, Kr Hr Lancaster,Kramer p.ofc.  80 a in s 28 Np15
Josifek, Joseph Vamberk Rychnov nad Kneznou Lancaster 1870, Apr  Hp128
Korbel, Jakub Hrdlorezy Trebon Saline, Wilber, near  renting in s 15 Np24
Korbel, Jan Hrdlorezy Trebon Saline, Wilber, near  100 a in s 35 Np25
Korbel, Jan Sr. Hrdlorezy Trebon Saline, Wilber, town  in retirement Np33
Korbel, Jan W. Hrdlorezy Trebon Saline, Wilber, town  Freighter of goods Np34
Korbel, John Hrdlorezy Trebon Saline,Big Blue prec early pion.  Hp90,b.1803,d. Wilber 1897
Korbel, Jos. Oxford Junction Iowa Saline, Wilber, town  ass’t. co. recorder Np32, (was from Hrdlorezy)
Korbel, Matej Hrdlorezy Trebon Saline, Wilber, town  bartender Np33
Korbel, Matej (Mike)  Trebon, near Saline 1873  Hp82,b.1847,CivilWar at 16, d.Wilber Apr 1926
Kostal, Frant. Mazalov Trebon Gage, Odell  laborer, s 33 Np10
Kostecka, Jan Majdalena Trebon, Budej. Richardson  80 a in s 28 Np4
Kostecka, Vaclav Majdalena Trebon Saline, Pleasant Hill  160 a in s 27 Np27
Kostecka, Vaclav Sv. Majdalena Trebon Saline,PleasantHill prec early pion.  Hp93
Kovarik, Frank Trebon  Colfax 1868  HP138,b.1814,m.Anna,wentUSA 1854, photo on p140
Kriha, Fr. Viciny Trebon Buffalo, Ravenna  renting in s 26 Np127
Kriha, Jos. Viciny Trebon Buffalo, Ravenna  160 a in s 23 Np127
Kumbova(Kumba), Fr. Trhove Sviny Budej. Decator, Jennings, KS  160 a in s 10 Np196
Kunc, Anton Peklo Rychnov, Kr Hr Fillmore, Milligan, town  harness maker Np56
Kunc, Joseph Peklo Rychnov Fillmore, Milligan pion. furn.&harness store Hp121,
Lepsa, Fr. J. Branna Trebon Colfax, Clarkson, town  bank treasurer Np161
Lepsa, Frank Branna Trebon, near Saunders 1878 prominent,popular Hp107,b.8Jan 1852, d.27 Jan 1897,Clarkson, NE
Lestina, Tom. Miletin Trebon Madison, Hale  160 a in s 22 Np112
Liskovec, Jan Pistina J Hr Butler, Bruno  120 a in s 29 Np77
Maca, Martin Rosec J Hr Saline, Monroe prec early pion.  Hp91
Machacek, Ant. Slemeno Rychnov, Kr Hr Saunders, Weston  laborer Np137
Marecek, Vaclav Javornice Rychnove, Kr Hr Butler, David City  shoemaker Np75
Matejka, Antonie Peklo Rychnov Saline, Pleasant Hill  240 a in s 15&22 Np26
Matejka, Marie Peklo Rychnov, Kr Hr Saline, in co.poorhouse   Np26
Matejka, V. Bukova Trhove Sviny Hayes, Catherine  160 a in s 9 Np85
Najdela, Fr. J. Ratibor J Hr Pawnee, Pawnee town  renting in town Np8
Nespory, Josefa Polste J Hr Saline, Monroe prec early pion.  Hp91
Novacek, Fr. Kodakovice* Trebon Knox, Armstrong  renting in s 6 Np46, *probably is Kojakovice
Novacek, Vojt. Kodakovice* Trebon Knox, Verdigree  160 a in s 7 Np46, *probably is Kojakovice
Novak, Anton Javornice Rychnov, Kr Hr Lancaster, Lincoln  carpenter,architect Np14
Novak, Fr. Lokoty Rychnov Saunders, Weston  80 a in s 21 Np140
Novak, Jakub Rosec J Hr Fillmore, Milligan, town  RR laborer Np56
Novak, Jan Klokoty Rychnov Saunders, Plasi  240 a in 21,28,29 Np151
Novotny, Jacob Petrinov Trhove Sviny Howard 1877 ne 1/4 s28 Hp211
Novotny, Jak. Petrikov Trhove Sviny Howard, Elba  160 a in s 28 Np132
Novotny, Jos. Precice Trebon Valley, Ord town  iron business…. Np119, …and had 160 a
Novotny, Mat. Precice Trebon Valley, Geranium  160 a in s 11 Np120
Novotny, Matej Precice Trebon Valley 1880  Hp222, came from Iowa
Papousek, Fr. Volesna Trebon Valley, Geranium  160 a in s 11 Np120
Papousek, Frank Volesna Trebon Valley old settler  Hp224
Papousek, Martin Volesna Trebon Valley old settler  Hp224
Pavel, Jan Javornice Rychnov, Kr Hr Saline, Wilber  Exch in s 36 Np25, exchange = barter/partnership/wrk for rm & bd, etc.
Pesek, Mart. Horny Trebon Buffalo, Ravenna  160 a in s 28 Np127
Pisar, Jan Styka J Hr Gage, Wymore town  innkeeper Np9
Pribyl, Jan Plese Trebon Chase, Lamar  160 a in s 8 Np86
Prokop, Anton Podrezov Kostelec Saline pre 1870  Hp81
Prokop, Anton Podrezov Kostelec, Kr Hr Saline, Crete  80 a  in s 19 Np24
Prokop, Fr. Jr. Podrezov Kostelec, Kr Hr Saline, Wilber  80 a in s 3 Np36
Prokop, Fr. Sr. Podrezov Kostelec, Kr Hr Saline, Wilber  80 a in s 3 Np36
Prokop, Frank Sr. Podrezov Kostelec Saline,BrushCreek prec early pion.  Hp90,
Prokop, Jan Podrezov Kostelec, Kr Hr Saline, Wilber near  renting in s 34 Np27, & owns 160 a in s 35 in Thayer Co.
Prokop, Josef Podrezov Kostelec Saline, Wilber  320 a, s 25&35 Np28
Prokop, Josef Podrezov Kr Hr Saline, Wilber  160 a in s 7 Np30
Prokop, Joseph W. Vamberk Rychova Saline,TurkeyCrk prec 1869  Hp93,b.30Oct1859, went first to Jones Co., IA in 1865
Prokop, Vaclav Podrezov  Saline, Wilber  240 a, s23,24,26 Np27, &160 a in s 19&30 at Big Blue
Prokop, Vaclav Sr. Podrezov Kostelec Saline,PleasantHIll prec early pion.  Hp93
Prucha, Jacob Stribec Trebon, near Saline, Wilber 1873  Hp87, b.1857
Prucha, Jakub Tribec Trebon Saline, Wilber  320 a in s 13,14 Np39
Rada, Jakub Trebon Budej. Gage, Odell  160 a in s 4 Np11
Rehak, Fr. Kozodery Kostelec, Kr Hr Saunders, Prague  120 a in s 10,15 Np150
Reznik, Jan Bdyn Trebon Marion, Lincolnville, KS  80 a in s 21 Np193
Riha, M. Presin Trebon Boyd byearly 90s  Hp273, living there in the early 1890s
Rudolf, Jak. Hrdlorezy Trebon Marion, Marion, KS  320 a in s 31 Np194,1st Cz settler in co., also 160 a in both s 29,36.
Rudolf, Jan Hrdlorezy Trebon Marion, Marion, KS  160 a in s 30 Np194
Ryba, Rozal. Hurka Trebon Republic, Cuba KS  80 a in s 9 Np180
Sabata, Frank Dlouha Ves Rychnov Saline, Wilber after 1854  Hp87,b.1827, went to Jones Co, IA in 1854
Sabata, Frant. Roven Rychnov, Kr Hr Saline, Wilber  320 a in s 36 Np25, and 240 a in s 6
Sabata, Josef Roven Rychnov, Kr Hr Saline, Crete  notary public Np21
Samek, Jos. Sopotnice Rychnov, Kr Hr Saunders, Weston  teamster Np137, (team of horses, oxen, etc.)
Sedlacek, Anton Vamberk Kostelec Gage, Odell  section 12 Np10, the listing says “for himself” (?)
Sedlacek, Frant. Vamberk Rychnov Saline, Crete  gardener Np21
Sedlacek, Josef Vamberk Rychnov Saline, Crete  stonecutter Np21
Sedlacek, Marie Vamberk Rychnov Saline, Crete near  120 a in s2 & 11 Np22
Simerda, Anton Slemeno Rychnov, Kr Hr Saline, Wilber  160 a in s 7 Np30
Simerda, Jan Slemeno Rychnov Saline, Swanton  160 a in s 10 Np35
Sklenar, Fr. Majdalena Trebon Marion, Marion, KS  160 a in s 36 Np194
Sklenar, Jan Magdalena Trebon Marion, Antelope, KS  160 a in s 5 Np194
Sklenar, Karel Magdalena Trebon Marion, Antelope, KS  160 a in s 23 Np194
Sklenar, Mat. Magdalena Trebon Marion, Antelope, KS  160 a in s 33 Np194
Skliba, Vaclav Vamberk Rychnov, Kr Hr Saline, Wilber  280 a in s 27&34 Np25
Smetana, Fr. Suchdol Trebon Knox, Armstrong  320 a in s 27 Np46
Stepanek, Frank Dlouha Ves Rychnov nad Kneznou Saline, Wilber early pion. harness maker Hp89,
Stepanek, Frant. Dlouha Ves Rychnov Saline, Wilber, town  harnessmaker Np33
Stepanek, Jan Javornice Rychnov, Kr Hr Richardson  120 a in sec 18 Np3
Svoboda, Adolf Lysov Trebon Knox, Verdigree  160 a in s 7 Np46
Svoboda, Rom. (Roman) Lisov Trebon Sheridan, Hay Spring  160 a in s 6 Np105
Taburek, Frank Podrezov Kr Hr Saline,Wilber prec early pion.  Hp93
Tacha, Ant. Trhove Sviny Budej. Decator, Kanona, KS  320 a in s 5 Np196
Tacha, Fr. Trhove Sviny Budej. Decator, Kanona, KS  320 a in s 5 Np196
Tacha, Fr. Trhove Sviny Budej. Decator, Kanona, KS  320 a in s 33 Np196
Tacha, Teod. Trhove Sviny Budej. Decator, Kanona, KS  160 a in s 31 Np196
Tejcka, Frank Polikno J Hr Gage early settler  Hp229
Tikalsky, John Suchdol Trebon Knox 1870  Hp186,b.15May1848,wentCgo1867,lvg at 78,see book.
Tikalsky, Joseph Hrdlorezy Trebon Knox 1870  Hp186
Turinsky, Matej Lysov Trebon Saline, Wilber, town  laborer Np34
Turinsky, Matej Stepanovice Trebon Saline, Wilber, town  laborer Np34
Urbanek, Ignac Stancov Trebon Marion, Lincolnville, KS  160 a in s 13 Np194
Vavrik, Jos. Rakovice Trebon Madison,Madison p.ofc  160 a in s 29 Np111
Vavrik, Karel Rakovice Trebon Madison,Madison p.ofc  160 a in s 3 Np111
Vitek, Vaclav Hnevetic Vysoke Myto, near Colfax 1870  Hp146, b. 1828, went to Iowa in 1868
Vosoba, Tomas Oxford Junction Iowa Saline,NorthFork prec early pion.  Hp92
Vosoba, Tomas Oxford Junction Iowa Saline, Plato  120 a in s 3 Np38
Vosyka, Fr. J. Rosec J Hr Gage, Beatrice town  tailor Np9
Vosyka, Jos. Rosec J Hr Saline,BrushCreek prec early pion.  Hp91
Zabokrtsky, Karel Slemeno Rychnov Cheyenne ca.1885  Hp262,  see #199
Zach, Maly Ratibor J Hr Pawnee, Pawnee town  renting in town Np8
Zajicek, Frantiska Podrezov Kostelec, Kr Hr Saline, Wilber, town  seamstress Np34
Zalobkratky, Karel Slemeno Rychnov, Kr Hr Cheyenne, Lodge Pole  160 a in s 24 Np89,  see #196
Zavodsky, Anna Lomnice Trebon Republic, Cuba KS  40 a in s 33 Np184
Zeman, Frant. Vamberk  Saline, Wilber, town  blacksmith Np33

A recommended book re: Nebraska pioneers is Saline County Roots — Stories & Genealogies from the Crete    News Quasquicentennial Series 1992-1993, edited by Sandra J. Breitkreutz.

People who went from Oxford Twp. to Nebraska & Kansas

Bek/Beck, Vaclav/Wenzel/Winsel – b. 1826 & arrived Oxford Mills 1855 w/wife Teresa Pavlista. May have traveled with Frank Sabata as both were from the same area in Bohemia (Bek from Podrezov, near Vamberk, and Sabata from north of there) and both went on to NE. Bek went to NE in 1868 per Habenicht and 1870 per another source. He d. in Wilber in 1900.

Cada, Jakub b. 1807 in Trebon area and probably Hrdlorezy, emigrated with his family to Wisconsin in 1858. His son Matej/Mathew Cada b. 1840 (in Hrdlorezy?) migrated from WI to NE soon after the Civil War. He m. Johanna Fritchek and had 12 kids. A shoemaker and town marshall, he lived on a farm. No known connection to the Cada at O.J. but they were from Hrdlorezy, too, so it is likely that they were related.

Cerny, John & wife Anna Dolezal (dau. of John & Helen). Anna was b. in Jones Co. IA in 1871, m. Cerny in OK in 1891, went to NE ca. 1900, had 4 children.

Chaloupka, John and wife Katerina Pirko came from near Kostelec nad Orlici in Bohemia to the U.S. in 1855, to Jackson County and then Jones County (OJ area) after March of 1860. Their son Frank b. 1840 m. Anna Sacora and went to NE sometime after the 1870 census (enumerated in June or July).

Cink, Vaclav & wife Anna Maule were in NE by 1887. I don’t know if they had come from Oxford Jct. but their son Frank m. Emma Koranda and their dau. Frances m. 1st Joseph Koranda and 2nd Frank Koranda (there were Korandas in Oxf. Jct.). There are genealogists who have researched the Cinks if you want to pursue it.

Divoky — Mary (Divoky) Lampman, deceased, of Ohio wrote A Genealogy of the Divoky Family in 1996. It includes Divoky from Suchdol nad Luznici and Hrdlorezy who emigrated to NE. They were related to the O.J. Divoky who were from Hrdlorezy.

Dolezal, John & wife Helen Nespor arrived Oxf. Twp. Nov. 1866 from Dzbanov, Bohemia, and went with the Friouf & Kubert families to NE in 1872 or 73 per one source or 1875 per the Kubert genealogy — where their farm is still in the family. Helen’s mother, Barbora Jilek Nespor, d. in NE in 1877. Helen d. in NE in 1919 as Helen Dostal, having m. Frank Dostal in NE in ca. 1878/79. John d. in NE Aug. 19, 1878 in NE. John & Helen had 8 kids, the youngest 3 b. in NE including Anton b. 1873 (indicating that 1875 is incorrect or that the Dolezals went to NE earlier than Kubert & Friouf). Needs more research.

Dudek, John & Joseph. Not positive they were in O.J. Jos. arr. NE 1878, John by the early 1890s.

Dusil, Frank from Podrezov near Vamberk, Bohemia arrived Oxf. Twp. before 1869 as he arrived in Saline Co., NE in 1869 from OJ. Frank was killed by a runaway team (of horses) on 13 July 1873. Ed Dusil b. Podrezov was in NE “early”. I don’t know if Ed was from Oxford Twp.

Dvorak, Frank, in Oxf. Twp. before or by 1870 cuz was in KS in 1870, having come from IA. I don’t know if he is related to the Dvoraks from O.J. who were from Kojakovice, South Bohemia.

Friouf/Freeouf family from Dzbanov was in Oxf. Twp. & went to NE in 1875 by wagon with the Kubert and Dolezal families. The John Friouf & wife Anna in the book Saline County Roots were from Washington IA and went to Saline Co., NE in 1874-76. John & Anna’s son John & his wife (m. 1874) Marie Kostecka lived n.w. of Wilber NE. Jos. and Vaclav Friouf were from Dzb. and in Saline Co., NE, per 1 of the 2 books in the page SODBUSTERS. Janet Jeffries said Frioufs were in Crete NE. The Friouf information needs to be reworked as I have conflicting data.

Hensley, R. G., perhaps not from O.J., m. a daughter of John Panuska and his wife Jennie Koun of Oxford Jct. John was a blacksmith, born in Bohemia. Hensleys went to NE by 1914.

Humpal, Vaclav and Karel (Charles or Carl) were from Oxford Jct. IA, went to NE.

Korbel, John I (the first) & his 2nd or 3rd wife Anna Maxa Benda arrived in Oxf. Twp. in 1862 and were in NE in 1870. From Hrdlorezy, South Bohemia, he d. in 1897 in NE. See John II.

Korbel, John II & wife Anna Kadjedlo (sp?) arrived Oxf. Twp. in 1862 probably with his father, and went to NE in 1872 by oxen & covered wagons, taking 6 wks, to claim 160 acres from the U.S. Government.

Korbel, Joseph was probably a son of John Korbel I. Joseph, from Hrdlorezy in South Bohemia, from Oxford Jct., was in NE per Nebraska, Kansas Czech Settlers, 1891-95.

Korbel, Michael m. Otillie or Delia Sacora, dau. of Mike & Francis Sacora of O.J., in 1871 and went to NE in 1875.

Kostichek/Kostecka, Vince?, son of Frank Kostecka (1829-1909) and Mary Skelar (Sklenar??) of O.J. since 1864, went to Crete NE and was there in 1919. Not found in Oxford Twp. in the 1870 census, Vince might already have gone to NE by then.

Kubert, Frank was in Jackson Co. IA earlier than when he bought land in Oxf. Twp. in 1874, and perhaps in Oxford Mills in 1856. His son Joseph (1838-1931) was the Kubert who went with Friouf’s & Dolezal’s to NE in 1875. From the Kubert genealogy by GraceTurner: in 1874 he married again at 35 yrs of age to Anna ‘Kunce’ Heitman (widow of Henry Heitman) of Pleasant Hill, Saline Co, NE……..They immediately returned to IA & farmed for one year. On March 19, 1875 Joseph Kubert of Monmouth, Jackson Co. IA bought from the Burlington and Missouri River RR Co. the….. consisting of 160 acres in Saline Co. NE for ….$658. In 1875 they moved by wagon overland in company with John Freeouf’s family to Wilber, taking 26 days to make the trip. They settled 9 mi. west of Wilber where they lived for 47 years.

Marecek, Vaclav, arrived in Oxf. Twp. 1867 to 87. A shoemaker, he sold his property in 1888 and went to Crete, NE.

Nespor, John & wife Barbara Jilek and 3 children came from Dzbanov to the U.S. in Nov. 1866, to O.J., then to NE in ca. 1870. Janet Jeffries has a photo of John & Barb, her ancestors. Their dau. Helena m. 1. John Dolezal, then ____ Dostal, lived in Saline Co., NE. John & Barb.’s son John d. 1885 still in O.J. but his dau. Mary m. John Bryson and they lived in Crete, NE.

Prokop, Frank arrived in Oxf. Twp. by or in 1854 with wife Barbara and traveling with Frank Pavlista & family, all from Podrezov near Vamberk, Bohemia. Prokops had 12 children by 1870 and went to NE in 1867 or 68 per one source, after 1870 per another source, but before his brother, Wenzel Prokop who arrived in NE in supposedly 1869 per yet another source. Frank lived in Swan City, NE. See Wenzel Prokop.

Prokop, Wenzel (Vincel/Vincenc/Vaclav) arrived in Oxf. Twp. in July of 1866 with wife Anna Barvinek & children, from Podrezov near Vamberk, Bohemia. Born in 1828, he grew to over 6 ft. tall, had been an army officer and emperor’s bodyguard in Bohemia. The teenage Josef Pavlista came with them. Pavlista was the younger brother of Frank Pavlista who came earlier with Frank Prokop who was brother of Wenzel. When Prokops left for NE in 1869, Josef Pavlista purchased or was gifted their farm in the n.e. part of the township. Both Pavlistas stayed in O.J. Prokops lived in a sod house per book Saline County Roots. Their family photo of 1893 is in that book Wenzel and Anna had 9 children including Henry the youngest who farmed “the home place” which was a 100 year farm (in the same family for 100 years or more) in 1973.

Roubinek, Frank (1858-1937) and wife Julia Sobotka of Oxford Jct. had 8 children, 4 of whom moved to Nebraska: Joe Roubinek, J.A. Roubinek, a daughter who m. Antone Culek, all in Omaha, and Arthur Roubinek who went to Norfolk, NE. The ones b. in Bohemia were not from the Trebon area.

Sabata, Frank was in Jones Co. IA in 1854 per A History of Czechs in NE. He went to Saline Co., NE, arriving with Vaclav Bek, and farmed. Sabata was b. 1827, from Dlouha Ves or Roven near Rychnov nad Kneznou which is north of Bek’s Podrezov. There was a Joseph Sabata in Saline Co., too, relationship to Frank unknown to me.

Sazma, Mathias born in Hrdlorezy, South Bohemia per his baptismal certificate in the O.J. museum, arrived in Oxf. Twp. in 1876. He m. Anna Divoky in the USA, went to Aten, NE in 1896, by August, but back to OJ in 1900. Had 7 kids — maybe some stayed in NE.

Shimerda (Simerda in Czech), Anton, son of Anton Shimerda & Katerina Zabokatsky of O.J., m. Francis Kostecka/Kostichek b. ca.1868 and went to Wilber in Saline Co. NE.

Shimerda (Simerda in Czech), John, son of Anton Shimerda & Katerina Zabokatsky of O.J., m. in 1885 Katie Kostecka/Kostichek b. ca. 1866. They went to Wilber per one source and to Swanton NE per another.

Sklenar, Martin arrived in Oxf. Twp. 1860-73 with wife Terezie Novacek, went to KS in 1873. I don’t know if Sklenar was from the Trebon area where there were Sklenars.

Sobotka, John Sr. (1834-1915) and his wife Josephine Svoboda came to Oxford Twp. in 1889 or 91. Two of their daughters went to Omaha, NE with their husbands Frank Havlichek and Joseph Matejka. Matejkas later went from Omaha to Denver CO.

Stepanek went to Saline Co., NE, to Wilber. I’m not sure if this is the same Stepanek who arrived in Oxford Twp. 1856-66 with a wife & son Frank & another son & 3 daughters. Frank, b. 1844, had lived in O.J. “for a number of years”, m. Francis Sacora, had 3 kids, and d. in Omaha NE in 1912. Frank’s brother d. in NE in ca. 1908, and their sister who had married a Butler went to KS.
VanSickle, Oscar from OH and not Czech, was in Oxf. Twp. by 1881, moved to KS by Fall of 1881 per one source. He built a store building in OJ in 1882 per another source. Delbert Hodgden might have information as he has VanSickle lineage.
Vosoba/Wosoba, Josef & 2nd wife Anna Bumba Burda were in O.J. when son Tomas b. in 1869, went to NE when Tomas small. Anna d. in NE, Josef returned to O.J. to dau. Mary Srp’s by 1886, leaving 14 yr. old Tomas alone on the farm. T. m. Mary Bednar & had 2 children. Retired to Wilber, by 1916? Info per Janet Jeffries & Joe T. Vosoba.   End.