There was a cluster emigration from the Husum area of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany to the Wyoming area in Jones County, Iowa, with many of the immigrants from the village of Hattstedt. A new book about the families who were a part of that includes genealogy, description and photos of both areas, maps, emigration information, explanation of the border changes (Denmark & Germany), etc.
The Fair and Fertile Prairie, A Story of Emigration from North Frisia to Wyoming, Iowa is now available.  Hardcopies will be printed in June of 2014 –$20 to 25 (not set yet, depends on printing costs) plus $4 or 5 postage, DVDs are ready ($10 + $2 postage), or e-mailed $8.

“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.”  Martin Luther

To order a book, e-mail   Later  in the summer of 2014 they will be available at the Wyoming Historical Museum, downtown Wyoming IA 52362.

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