Northeast Bohemia, Czech Republic
19th Century Emigrants to Eastern Iowa

Dzbanov u Vysoke Myto, 3 km south of the city of Vysoke Myto and west of Litomysl. Approximately 30 families emigrated from Dzbanov to Oxford Township (surrounding Oxford Jct.), Jones County, IA. See page/s on Dzbanov. Due to the cluster emigration there is a large collection of material re: Dzbanov in Wregie Memorial Library and the Oxford Junction Heritage Museum, both in Oxford Jct.’s downtown.

Vysoke Myto, approximately 2 hours east of Prague and in an area called Czech Paradise for its beautiful landscape. The Stratileks of Oxford Jct. were from Vys. Myto, and the Bees family was from there or nearby. Sometimes a larger city was stated for one’s origin. Dusanek of O.Jct. was from Uhersko, n.w. of Vys. Myto. Kroulik, Roubinek, and Sobotka were from Domanice near Vys. Myto. Three other origins are given for Sobotka, all near Vys. Myto. Peckosh/Pekar was from Lhuta, a few km south of Vys. Myto and just west of Dzbanov. Soukup was from Premosice near Vys. Myto. Yanda/Janda was from Lestina, south of Vys. Myto.

Rychnov nad Kneznou, east of the larger Hradec Kralove and near the Polish border. From nearby Dlouha Ves, Oxford Jct.’s Dusil and Hodoval came. Kubert and Smola were from Roven, southeast of Rychnov nad Kneznou.

Vamberk, south of the larger Rychnov nad Kneznou and n.n.e. of Vysoke Myto. Just north of the town is the village of Podrezov, origin of O.Jct.’s Bek/Beck, Pavlista, and Prokop, and probably Sabata. They would have attended church in Vamberk.

Kostelec nad Orlici, west of the larger Rychnov nad Kneznou and on the Orlici River. Oxford Jct.’s Moravec/Moravetz, Pavelec, Ruth/Root, Straka, and Vilimek/Willimack were from Kostelec nad O. Chaloupka of O. Jct. was from Castolovice near Kostelec nad O. Dostal, Kadidlo, Kalous, Kaspar, Pazourek, and Shimerda of O.Jct. were probably from Kostelec nad Orlici.

The Czechs of southeastern Jones County emigrated from many parts of their homeland. On this website I am gathering a few of the origins in northeast Bohemia, Czech Republic. Please see the Gallery for photos of these places. JN